place is worth visiting once in a lifetime. Malaysia is a home to many wonderful beaches and breathtaking sceneries. Malaysia is a multi-racial country full of rich culture and traditions and it features many natural wonders which attracts millions of tourists. Possessing all the features of Asian people and life the country ha everything to see for the tourists. A trip to Malaysia will include beautiful islands, hill stations, tropical rainforests and buzzing cities which live its tourist fascinated throughout their life. Malaysia can be termed as a fascinating and exclusive travel destination as it meets all the expectations of travelers.

There are many reasons to visit Malaysia, some of them are listed below:

Culture and Art

Malaysia is a diverse country which is rich in tradition and culture. The mixture of cultural influences in Malaysia is the outcome of the long period migrations and business with other countries of the world mainly China, India and Arab countries. Everyone from different cultures have intact their cultures and traditions. There are many conventional churches, temples along with some mosques. Many festivals will add up the light to the Malaysian culture. Some of the famous festivals are Hari Raya, Deepavali, Chinese new year, Christmas and wesak.

Activities In Malaysia

malaysia travel by busMalaysia offers its tourists to take part in various activities. Engaging with few thrilling activities will add a lot of value to the trip. You should visit this homepage to find many outdoor activities like whitewater rafting at Kuala kubu Bharu, jungle trekking at Taman Negara, hot air balloon in Putrajaya, cave adventure in Gua Niah, canopy walk, trek at Mount Kinabalu, cycling and many more. among all these activities playing money game is very famous. Many notable visitors have visited Malaysia just for playing games. The gaming center is located in Genting Resort at Genting Highland. If offers innumerable games with many gaming tables and they will open 24 hours a day for the visitors.


Since Malaysia is a country withy different racial people, the influence of many different culture can be easily seen in the Malaysian cuisine. The cuisines of Malaysia are blend of India, Chinese and Malay. Local Hawkers provide the best of best taste, Nasi Lemak, Satay, Nasi Dagang, Prawn Mee, Bak kut the and banana leaf rice are some of the best dishes of Malaysia.