Lost Your Phone!!!

Lost Your Phone!!!

Is it your habit to lose your things all the time; and lost something while having a drink last night? if yes, do you want to keep track of your missing phone or laptop, If so then using clever devices called monitoring gadgets is a smart idea to get support from technology.

The technology has brought variety of tracking devices that can be connected to all your belongings and if that is stolen or lost; it allows you track their location easily. In this post I have mentioned some tracking gadgets which will ensure that your belongings remain safe with you.


This website is popular choice to track your phone if you have not installed any software or app. The company uses its own private satellite to track down the lost phone location just by entering the phone number. However the website has its own limitation as they do not serve worldwide and limited to specific countries. You should check out the website to know more.

Tile Tile

This tile has all kinds of feature which you  need to safeguard your items. It is a most common and accurate tracking gadgets. It’s a small gadget which comes in various shapes & sizes & provides various methods of connection to make almost everything work with it.


Tile is fine for daily use but you will get more sophisticated tracker which also provides reliable theft protection, then you may be excited by Locca. This will allow you use GSM network, GPS, Bluetooth  & even FSK to track your belongings. You can still trace them; it doesn’t matter in which place you left your sniff.

Locca is tiny enough to be quickly attached and brought anywhere to any item. In addition, its waterproof & durable enough to withstand falls, use it anywhere in underwater.

Hum Smoke

If you are interested in tracking your vehicle, it has reliable tracking system installed in it which is worth checking. You can monitor the location of your car from anywhere & monitors it real-time.

In addition, you can access the full history that shows where all that car had been & set up parking location reminders. If your car is entering and existing some area then you can establish boundary limit for it.

This application with interact with your cars and this will help you understand the issue and over come through it, apart from tracking, & reminds you of the maintenance of your car. In addition, it provides roadside assistance & if necessary, it contacts with skilled mechanics. If your car is stolen,  then this will track you and cooperate with the police immediately to find what you have lost.

Lapa Lapa

Lapa and tile are much similar by its tracking and build quality, However when you split from your things, the ability to warn is real good. Lapa will automatically warn you to go back & recover if you are moving away from your things.

These feature helps you in giving a alert when you lose them instead of you find them missing only when you check them.