Singapore is one of the most favorite tourist destinations and this is the place where already-visited tourists longing to visit the country again. Because, there are many attractive things that one can find here like stunning theme parks, towering skyscrapers, inspiring transport facilities, loving singaporeans, surprising weather etc. The rules are properly followed by the Singaporeans as well as tourists. In addition to these features, the city is also much famous about games. For newbies, to play in will also be guided by an online guide. You can easily play games in the city which is another massive entertainment.

Merlion SingaporeSingapore Transportation facilities cater to the needs of diverse groups such as elderly travelers, wheelchair users and people with visual or hearing impairments. For tourists, public transport is best to commute all around the city. You don’t have to worry how to go, as everywhere boards and Singapore maps kept for guiding you. Let us have a brief look on various transport facilities:


MRT stands for Mass Rapid Transit which is the best way to commute around Singapore and the system consists of five major lines such as Circle (orange) line, East-West (green) line, North-East (purple) line, North-South (red) line and Downtown (blue) line. Amongst them, the most commonly used lines are Red and Green lines. To travel to some of the tourist spots such as Marina Bay Sands, China Town, Little India, Raffles Place etc. MRT serves the best.


In order to connect some of the inner parts of Singapore, LRT line was constructed. The Light Rail Transit (LRT), also known as the Light Rapid Transit, consists of the three major LRT train lines namely Bukit Panjang LRT Line, Sengkang LRT Line and Punggol LRT Line. Bukit Panjang is famous for Hindu God temple and, most of the Indians visit the temple.

Singapore Buses:

Singapore public bus service got a vast and efficient network which is covering every nook and cranny of the city. The bus transport service is taking car of 300 buses which serve up to three million rides each day smoothly. Bus is best to travel some important tourist places such as Singapore Zoo, Jurong Bird park and Little India etc.

Singapore Taxis:

There are different taxi companies serving all parts of the city. Tourists can see them everywhere riding their cabs in roads of the city. When you fed up of traveling in public transportation, then you can try for taxi and it doesn’t price you more when compared to taxis in US and UK countries.  Thus, enjoy your trip by travelling in the above transportation facilities.