Amulets – Fight against evil forces

Amulets – Fight against evil forces

There are common and popular uses of certain articles in our culture, such as; pendants, necklaces, rings, talismans, etc. you will see that people from all the regions use these amulets and wear them as a belief these amulets are trusted to fight against the evil power. While the use of amulets is a global practice, even in modern times in different countries, there are different variations in its making, raw materials, types & styles, historically based on respective culture & status of all those societies or countries. Some most debated and popular amulet use community is as mentioned below:

Ancient Rome: The Roman community was very familiar with its traditions & used to observe few of their practices and values as the part of glorious successor to the ancient & most evolved Greek culture. In ancient Roman culture, the uses of amulets were prevalent. Although it was inextricably related to Roman faith, the amulets use was typically practiced out of religious experience’s natural sphere. But it indicated some gods & gemstones, such as; Red Jasper Mars, Chalcedony Jupiter, Amethyst Bacchus, etc the high beliefs in the amulet’s inherent strength.

Japan & China: Ancient China, an exceptional style of unusual calligraphy was created by experts, called as fulu, that’s of Taoist philosophy and beliefs in expectation of getting shielded from evil spirit & bad luck. The preparation & use of amulets, called as ofuda, was introduced in Japan.

Abrahamic Religions: Most Jews, Christians, Hindus & Muslims believed in protective & curing power of Amulets in the old days and even in the Middle Ages. While talismans used that period, there was also a very large use of amulets there. While these items were different in design and type from other, all these materials were used for much aspirations & beliefs. Although few of these objects were put in the courtyard or house, there were also items that were typically used on your body else worn it as blessing ornaments.

Asian Dominance: Except China & Japan, in several different countries such as Nepal, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, etc., where the diverse existence of goods or products has been used from the old age the historical period & can be also found in the respective cultures & epics, the use of amulets was quite a major thing. In the process of amulets preparation & its respective benefits in various part of this area, the influence of religious culture on society has often been seen. Buddhist culture & values primarily play main role in use of these amulets, although this amulet culture was influenced by different religious features. One of the most famous amulets is LP Toh Pidta which is popular in the entire Asia.

Thailand Features: While Buddhism was initiated and established in Indian subcontinent, in countries such as Japan, Myanmar & Thailand, its practice and widespread accommodation this will be found. The former Thai culture & religious traditions were related to the Buddhist school ideas and moved its way for different natures of the Buddha Amulet, such as; sex, Good luck, safety, etc.