Singapore is a small country located in the north-east part of Asian continent. It is a small island having an area of about 700 km and might be because of the less area, it seems like population is more in the city. The island is very near to other Asian countries like Malaysia and Indonesia. This factor makes easy for the tourists to visit all the three asian countries in a single tour plan.

The people of Singapore are very kind and friendly. If you ask any person who visited Singapore, they will definitely tell you that Singaporean’s are kind hearted, warm and fun loving people. It is a pleasure to hangout with such kind of human beings. The localities will greet the visitors with a cute smile and it is a big treat for the tourists.

The local people of singapore speak an English mixed with their local language and it is called Singlish. The government has conducted many programs like “Speak Good English”, but the people were not bothered, and they never came away from their own accent and it is pretty good. The people can able to speak formal English in their area of work or when they need to talk with the foreign people who has visited their country.

Singapore is well known for shopping and food. The various kind of dishes available in Singapore are finger licking and it has many varieties like Chinese, Indian and other continental dishes has been served. There are many cuisines and restaurants available through out the city and hawker food courts are the main attraction where you can get the tasty food for the less price. So, never miss the chance to taste the hawker centers when you visit Singapore. Sportsbook Singapore is in existence from many years and the local people used to play those games during their free time and they provide free entry to the visitors of the city with a valid passport.

Singapore is renowned for shopping. There is a separate street for shopping malls and retail stores where the visitors can purchase any kind of things like clothes, articrafts, electronic equipment’s, books etc. All kind of materials are little cheaper in Singapore when compared to other western countries. So, the life at singapore is really awesome and the people are very genuine and honest.