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(pronounced Row-See)

RoSEE creates quality web content
from wasted web pages

RoSEE makes your web site's wasted Dynamic web pages visible to the Search Engines.

These wasted pages on your web site are usually the most keyword-rich, organized pages you have!

RoSEE creates Static HTML pages, which Search Engines can easily index and use, from dynamic pages like shopping carts, forums, blogs, databases or ANY link-navigated web pages created from a database.

Dynamic web pages rarely appear in Search Engine top listings. Search Engines cannot give them much importance, and rarely visit them, because they are easy to duplicate or fake. They cannot be trusted.

RoSEE works like this:

  • 'Walks' your web site's dynamic pages

  • Creates static HTML web pages from your dynamic pages, keeping the linking structure intact by modifying the links in the new HTML pages, but leaves any 'action' links alone.

  • Uploads the new HTML pages to your web site using FTP, creating a HTML shell over the original dynamic pages. The Dynamic pages are still there and still used for 'actions' to take place.

These new actual HTML pages are now acceptable by the Search Engines.

For example; the following URL is a simple dynamically created URL address (notice the question mark '?'):


RoSEE creates a new Static HTML page and the URL address would now be:

The URL to the new Static web page contains search-engine-readable keywords, which allow Search Engine robots to read the URL, index and list it in their directories.

Try these REAL examples:

This is a Dynamically created shopping cart page.

After RoSEE's conversion the web page is now Static HTML and the URL is:

RoSEE creates a URL that both YOU and the SEARCH ENGINES can see and understand.  Search Engines will now index ALL of your web pages

Until RoSEE, there has only been a partial solution; using expensive, complex, web-server installed modules beyond the range of 99.9% of web masters, BUT offer nothing to help the readability of the resulting URL.

RoSEE converts your dynamic pages to HTML for just PENNIES per page. The more you use it, the less it costs. AND if you change something in your dynamic database, just re-run RoSEE and the new pages are converted immediately!

RoSEE is simple-to-use, quick-to-setup, easy-to-understand and the program installs on any web master's personal computer that runs Windows.


Dynamic web pages are those pages created by a web server using a database; such as SHOPPING CARTS, forums, blogs, etc (***RoSEE currently works only with some Blogs and Forums. PLEASE try before you buy it). Their URL addresses contain a question mark followed by gibberish that no one, most importantly the search engines, understands.


Static web pages are those pages that are permanently stored on a web server, and usually end with a file extension like HTML. Their URL addresses are search engine friendly, consisting of keywords that describe page contents.

Multiple Projects

  • Create multiple projects IE: SHOPPING CART, Forum, Blogs, Web Site etc. etc.
  • (We request that you try our FREE VERSION before your purchase a RoSEE to ensure that it works with YOUR blog or forum)

  • RoSEE has a built in FTP program so you can automatically upload the pages created to your web site.

  • As you work with RoSEE you may find you want to include more pages.
  • Buy what you need now, upgrade later, as your business grows.

General Features

  • EASY to use
  • SIMPLE to understand
  • QUICK to install
  • Works on all Windows Systems

What the industry has to say about the problems of Dynamic Pages

***RoSEE is not yet compatible with Microsoft Vista Operating System! Please do not purchase for a Vista machine.


Various Purchase options starting at $99.00.

Click Here To Try FREE TRIAL

**RoSEE currently works with only SOME Blogs and Forums, so please try it before you buy it to make sure it works with yours!


Permanent License Fees are NOT refundable

Screen Shots

OK, it changes a database page into an HTML one that the search engines can spider.


What happens when the search engine puts that link up and people click on it? Let's say it is a catalogue page like in your example. Will people then be able to order from that page?
Yes, everything works EXACTLY as before except its a new Static HTML page in a new directory. All the links are adjusted to make everything work exactly as before.

Does it mean that a webmaster will have to have 2 pages of the same page on their site.... I guess I just need to see it in action.

Yes, You will have dynamic pages which don't really exist and are located in a directory the cart script is running from and then you will have another directory named 'Cart' (or anything you want) where the Static HTML pages will reside. In most instances, you should replace the link in the web sites navigational system that is to the dynamic shopping cart or pages and point it to the new Static HTML pages just so you don't have duplicate content available through your web sites linking structure. The dynamic script remains the same as before for adding and editing products, administration, etc., it just won't be linked to, from the web site anymore (your option).

OK, so in fact it could replace a complete website that is generated from a database (Dynamic content) to one that the search engines can index. Right?

That is correct. The only limitation is that the existing individual dynamic pages must already be linked together. A visitor to a web site with dynamic pages must be able to click from one dynamic page to another, like in Shopping Carts or Forums or 100s of other dynamic content. RoSEE uses these links to search out and find all the dynamic content in a folder and sub-folders, or the entire web site. No search engine, robot or spider, including RoSEE can access pages that are hidden by a form that has to be filled in.

Is it true that the search engines can't spider sites created from a database or use dynamic content then?

They can spider them but they have to be careful since the content is being generated by a program on the server, it is easy to fool the SE to think a website has millions of pages. These pages cannot be trusted and are given a very low trust factor by the SEs.

Do you have any example site URLs that use dynamic content that I can check for a Google listing?

No, but you can type any keyword or phrase, into Google or one of the other SE's search box and see what page or listing dynamic URLs start appearing.

keywords to research -
dynamic to static
invisible web
dynamic page search engine optimization
dynamic pages
dynamic vs static pages search engines
dynamic vs static html

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