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Author: Rudy DeDominicis

Zeus: The God Of Reciprocal Links

As search engines advance in their algorithms to provide the most accurate search results, reciprocal links continue to be a key ranking factor in search engine technology. As a webmaster, I have seen all the tricks to try to increase ranking, such as using the white colored keywords on a white background, and loading up your alt tags with a paragraph of key words. As search engines mature these tricks become obsolete and it seems as though the one priority of link popularity that many search engines use to rank your site is possibly the most difficult obstacle to overcome.

Not only do you have to have quantity but also quality, some search engines now rank the link popularity of your reciprocal links so if you have a hundred links coming from small personal pages rather than category leaders your ranking will suffer. Link popularity has been the most accurate way of determining importance to a search engine. As your link popularity increases so does the probability of a robot returning quicker to update your site in the search engine database.

As a site owner or a marketing professional you will also want these reciprocal links to represent targeted traffic that remain constant with your category and demographics. One way of obtaining quality links is to research all the sites similar to yours, contact each of these sites, requesting a reciprocal link, add their link to your database, then manage these links and confirm that they are in fact still linking to your site. Or you could use a marketing robot and automate the entire process.

The Zeus Marketing Robot is probably one the most best kept secrets in aggressive online marketing. I am always wary of a company that doesn't provide a sample download of their product. Cyber Robotics provides a free version of this software that you can download and see for yourself how effective a robot can be in online marketing. After downloading the application you are provided with a thorough step-by-step process of how to train and use your robot.
How Zeus Works, Initially Zeus requires a little training. The user provides Zeus with a
relevant theme website (If you have a site that offers "Free Stuff" then you would provide Zeus with a "Free Stuff" site). Starting with this site, Zeus begins to scan the entire Internet for similar sites. At first you must tell Zeus which key words to ignore and which are relevant to your site. Zeus then organizes the relevant sites that fit the criteria which you have set, into a list of "theme sites". While Zeus is sorting through the these category specific sites it is also capturing important information about the
site including the webmasters email, which allows you to later easily contact all of the these sites and request a reciprocal link. You also have the ability split your relevant results into different indexes. Zeus even creates the page, so that all you need to do is upload this index to your website.

Benefits of Zeus:

1. The user interface is very user friendly and if you have any questions there is an extensive tutorial guide that walks you through each step of the way. You may also email the creator of Zeus directly.
2. Zeus is very flexible in terms of tailoring your results only to web sites which are relevant to the theme of your site.
3. The benefits to an individual site owner are obvious but as an online marketing consultant myself, I have noticed that Zeus has become a tremendous aid in marketing a category with which I have little or no expertise. As a marketing professional, offering this service would be priceless compared to all those "Submit your site to 5,000 search engines for $99" deals.
4. Zeus combines the technology of automation with the human guidance to create accurate results. With this software you are able to train Zeus to precisely choose the relevant sites which fit well with your current content and demographics, creating the perfect target market.
5. Zeus creates a custom page of all of the results, which can be easily integrated into your sites links pages.
6. Zeus allows you to contact all of your potential link partners, requesting hundreds or thousands of sites to links to you all at once, in a very short period of time.
7. With the upgraded versions of Zeus you will be able to manage your link partners and automatically verify that they are still linked to your site. (No need to manually and periodically visit your partners' site and verify that they are still linked to you.)
8. The total cost of Zeus is far less then you would spend for an online marketing campaign which may or may not increase your traffic.
9. In a few days with this automated process you could obtain the same link popularity of a site that has existed for many years.

The rating below is based on a scale of 1 to 10. (10 being the highest)

Ease of Use: 8
Power of Application: 10
Usefulness of Application: 10
Price vs. Results 10

Total Rating: (Out of 40) 38


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