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A site that links to you can only increase your link popularity not decrease it.....
let me introduce to you a terrific program that will help you find hundreds, if not thousands, of sites related to yours to which to link:
Zeus The Internet Marketing Robot.

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Bill Gentry Review

Author of the book "The savvy way to successful Website promotion" Derek Galon was invited to evaluate leading edge e-commerce software by Hewlett-Packard, asked by Master Card to participate in a large on-line promotion, etc. His Websites have received several Web awards, and have been highlighted in publications such as USA Today and Windows Magazine. He has been interviewed by the Globe and Mail and by several European newspapers, and his professional suggestions have been published on-line and used to improve Internet commerce software.

"Exchanging links may take an incredible amount of time. Searching for proper websites, emailing with link exchange offers, maintaining links database all that is really a time consuming task, but well worth doing nonetheless. Recently I found an amazing tool to make this task much easier it is called “Zeus”. It can automate the whole process for you."

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Derek Galon Review

Link Popularity in a Box

Jim Buchanan Author: John Buchanan
author of the book "The Insider's Guide to Dominating The Search Engines," and
publisher of a free monthly newsletter "The Search Engine

Internet Day
Newsletter Article

Tuesday, May 8, 2001

.....a wonderful piece of software I ran across about a year ago called Zeus
Zeus is a software program that was designed to automate the task of finding reciprocal links for you, leaving you free to concentrate on your business, customers and promotion. It's sole purpose is to crawl the Web and find sites that match your criteria, and then get them to link to you.

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John Buchanan Article

Haakon Rian Ueland
SmartWare Editor, Mensa International Journal.

In order to get a good placement in the SE’s, having an optimized website isn’t enough. You need links from other sites – reciprocal links – and preferably from sites with a similar theme to yours. ----- Since I am writing about this here, there is a smarter way:
Zeus the Reciprocal Link Generator!

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Haakon Rian Ueland Review

Apply Marketing

Rudy DeDominicis was an associate producer for and is now the producer of Computing and Technology. He has helped many sites in a variety of ways including viral marketing, revenue generation, affiliate consultation and writing press releases.

"The Zeus Marketing Robot is probably one the most best kept secrets in aggressive online marketing... Cyber Robotics provides a free demo version of this software that you can download and see for yourself how effective a robot can be in online marketing."

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Rudy DeDominicis Review

Roger Dooley is a board member of AIM-pro, the Association of Internet Marketing Professionals.Their mission is to promote the common interests of all online promoters and marketeers.

"Zeus, from Cyber-Robotics, is an impressive software package that tames the linkage monster by automating almost all of the busy work and record keeping... far more productive than attempting to organize reciprocal links manually."

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Roger Dooley Review


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