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Author: Haakon Rian Ueland
SmartWare Editor, Mensa International Journal.

In order to get a good placement in the SE’s, having an optimized website isn’t enough. You need links from other sites – reciprocal links – and preferably from sites with a similar theme to yours. What you need to do is to sit down with a good SE, type in the most important keywords that describe your site, find the most compatible sites from the lists you get, at the same time gathering contact-information, and send them each a
mail requesting a link back…not a fun job. Naturally, since I am writing about this here, there is a smarter way:
Zeus the Reciprocal Link Generator!

Let me briefly explain how it works:

1. Find one site that would be excellent for you to exchange links with, with a similar theme and focusgroup.
2. Type in the URL in Zeus (I started with for my own – site) and start it. Zeus zips through the website, gathering information.
3. Rank each of the words it has found (in meta-tags and body-text) as they pertain to your site. Very good hits should be ranked “Unique” – all the way down to “Ignore”.
4. Once you have rated 100 words, you can set Zeus free. It will trawl all the links it has found on the original site, and keeps on with this process.
5. You will soon have a collection of themesites. Your job then is simply to categorize them (I used three categories: Mensa, general intelligence and gifted) and to remove those that don’t fit. You also need to select the appropriate email-address to use – conveniently enough, Zeus lets you browse your themesites from within the program, so there is no need to skip from one program to another.
6. Now, all you need to do is personalize the emails you want to send to the different webmasters and site owners, and Zeus mails away!
7. Zeus also sets up your own link directory – and lets you remove those who don’t give you a link back.

Using this technique you can easily find a few hundred sites to exchange links with. Great traffic, and Zeus makes it all easy. Read more about Zeus at, where you can also download a demo version. The difference between the demo and the paid version is that you have to upload a collection of theme-sites within 14 days with the demo version – and that the paid version lets you tweak the features more. However, the full version, which retails at $195, will soon be paid off in more traffic.


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