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SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is not mandatory for any website survival but it is sure that your website would not be able to reach to its full potential ad would always be under performing. You might also be missing good deal of traffic and other avenues like PPC or social media may not be able to make up for it. SEO is very wide and people are not aware about where to begin or what would make maximum impact or how to proceed etc.

  • It is very important to build nice ‘Title Tags’; you can use long title tags but it would be wise to make it in about 63 characters as search engines need to cut longer titles. It appears as a link in and must meet some demands.
  • Keyword density is another important factor as user key in few particular words in search engines. It is expected that search engines shows adequate results and adding keyword in title tag also helps a lot. Even better description about a particular topic would not be enlisted in search results if keywords are not chosen properly.
  • Title tag then requires compelling as you can make your link more clickable just by putting keywords. It must be keyword rich as well as compelling. It improves site ranking and makes it more likely for visitors to click on your link.
  • You need to avoid the common mistakes as it is very crucial and important thing. Take your time and do it the right way. You must skip these easy mistakes:
    • As each and every page on website is unique, title tags must also be unique on all the pages. It must describe the page and must be customized ensuring that it is accurate as per page content.
    • If you are using your business name in title tag, make sure that it sounds good and reasonable. Do it with care as well as consideration. You can use your brand name at rear of tag and it would also help you build recognition for your brand. It is however recommended to put important data about product in tag rather than adding business name. Well-known and well established business names are an exception to this rule.
    • Adding list of Keywords does not solve the purpose as it does not ensure that visitor would click on it. You can use keywords in moderation while making it worth clicking.
    • Title tag must also provide description about content as it increases probability of being clicked. Title must not lack required description and must do that in compelling as well as keyword friendly procedure.
  • It is not only SEO or Title Tags that are important but there are number of other things to be considered that include:
    • Meta Description, Keyword Tags
    • Heading Tags, Alt Attributes
    • Domain Names
    • Search Engine Friendly URLs
    • Broken Links
    • Site Architecture
    • Internal Linking
    • Keywords, Keyword Core Terms and Keyword Qualifiers
    • SEO Copywriting, Page Content, Links, Link Anatomy
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