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Easy-to-use, intelligent, internet robot that builds a link directory and creates reciprocal links for you!

Zeus is Search Engine Friendly.

Zeus is a true Internet, web crawling robot, does not query or visit Search Engines and is search-engine-friendly with:

 "Ethical Link Marketing gets you High Rankings in ALL the Major Search Engines."

"Zeus creates true Incoming Links and Link Popularity and does not artificially create or inflate either."

No Spam
No FFA Link Pages
No Link Farms
SE Friendly

C A U T I O N !
Using other link-building programs that query or use the search engines for finding web sites, data or information can penalize or even get your web site banned. This practice is expensive to the SEs as it over-taxes their servers and connections.

The Real Google Dance

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Zeus Creator, David Notestine
at Google Headquarters,
Search Engine Strategies
and White Water Rafting
San Jose, CA 2002


David Notestine
Cyber-Robotics, Inc.


Rated 5 out of 5

Rated 5 out of 5

Rated 5 out of 5

Rated 5 out of 5 - Download Windows Software

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5 star award

New Free Downloads 5 Star Awarded

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The Zeus Internet Marketing Robot

Zeus Information

Zeus is the first of a new breed of innovative, robotic software products for webmasters.

Zeus is a smart internet robot that traverses the web, spidering sites and creating for any webmaster, a vertical themed link directory.

Train him to find web sites, matching your unique themes or subjects, and he will zoom off to find thousands of them. Zeus then helps you to review and organize them into vertically-themed categories and possible inclusion within your link directory.

Zeus creates qualified traffic to your web site in numbers you have always thought to be impossible. This is quickly accomplished through a series of steps utilizing dynamic website content, increased search engine activity and genuine, match-each-other reciprocal links.

Content is quickly added to a website with dynamically changing, Zeus-generated, link directory pages. With a single click, your Link Directory is built and uploaded to your web site. These themed pages are keyword-tuned to score high in search engine rankings. Search engines give higher rankings to websites with themed content that match each other through mutual reciprocal links. It is now possible for your directory pages to place in the top 10 search engine listings with a single search word! Imagine having hundreds of these pages, each page built around a single keyword or phrase. As a added bonus, re-submission to search engines is a forgotten chore once reciprocal links point towards your site. Robots will visit your site more often because they will find links to your website more frequently throughout the internet.

One good reciprocal link can give you the same amount of traffic as a major search engine and with a Zeus internet robot, you can have hundreds of reciprocal links. The best qualified visitors to your site are from reciprocal links. Zeus simplifies the tedious task of reciprocal link generation by providing, from your link directory, a pool of qualified, theme-matching, reciprocal link prospects, organized by themes or subjects. A contact manager is included allowing you to email an individually-personalized reciprocal link request to each website's webmaster. Everything is easy to edit, organize and maintain. Link Partners receive a preferential graphic and listing at the top of each directory page providing a compelling reason to reciprocate the link.

Your link directory will also ensure your website's visitors stay longer and bookmark it into their favorites, for a speedy return. Zeus is non-invasive to visited websites and follows all the Robotic Guidelines as described throughout the Internet. You can use Zeus in multiple themes; great for web marketers, authors, researchers, webmasters or serious hobbyists.

Zeus is not for everyone but if you are a moderately to expertly skilled webmaster, with limited time on your hands, who could benefit from a vertical-themed link directory and increased website traffic, Zeus will automate almost every aspect of creating such a directory.

A common misconception:

A common misconception about Zeus is that he sends email automatically, without supervision, as he travels throughout the internet. This is not true. Zeus shows you each website he finds, allowing you to explore it and make a decision whether you wish to include it's listing into your Link Directory. He then allows you to personalize the reciprocal link request that he will send to the email address you select. The email MailMerge feature also allows Zeus to automatically include each website's unique information, from his database, into the body of your email to further personalize your message.

Zeus works if you do:

While Zeus does save you thousands of hours involved in reciprocal link generation, there are still tasks you must do. You must invest your time into learning and operating Zeus. Beware: Zeus is highly addictive and a 12 step program has been considered :-)

Zeus will require approximately 2 to 4 hours, of your time, to initially train and become comfortable using him. The feature-packed user interface is easy and intuitive to learn, there's just a lot of it. Zeus combines a html browser, a relational database, an email program, FTP program, contact manager and a smart internet robot that automatically traverses the internet, ALL merged into one program.

Zeus will then require from 30-60 minutes per day to review the websites he finds, assign Theme categories to them, personalize email messages and manage your reciprocal link requests. Zeus will become an important tool, used often.

Help and Support:

Many new-comers to the internet have learned to use Zeus without prior knowledge of the technologies they are using. The key to success is investing their time, reading Help and just doing it :-) Zeus has extensive Help included. You may also view the animated "Quick Tours" available on every page of the Easy section

Cyber-robotics support is unsurpassed on the internet. You can purchase Consulting Time or use the Zeus Knowledge Base.

What it takes to be successful with Zeus:

Successful Zeus users are webmasters who really want to promote their website and have learned through experience how disappointing the search engines really are. They have the motivation to see a project as large as Zeus, through to success. Zeus is a never-ending project that will reward you many times over in increased website traffic. If you are someone who expects results without hard work, please spend more time trying to promote your website using the search engines.

Please check out our "Common Sense Web Marketing" eBook, remember Zeus and return for a DEMO. Zeus works if you do.


Screen shot

Download Zeus today for these operating systems: Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7.

. . . for those of us who realize that search engines aren't enough. It's the reciprocal links that count.   G.M. of Palm Beach, FL

      My web site grew 300% every month . . .   G.H. of Kansas City, MO

. . . is easy to use and easy to train.  G.M. of Palm Beach, FL

. . . absolutely mesmerizing.  . . . didn't sleep that first night.   D.F. of Roswell, NM

. . . addicting . . . training Zeus was a blast!   H.A. of Paris, France

. . . Zeus even taught me how to use him. Very easy!   O.L. of Gainesville, FL


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