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Up to 40% PLUS an extra 10% Affiliate Program!

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Cyber-Robotics's Software Will Generate Cash For You!

As an Affiliate, if you send someone to Cyber-Robotics and they purchase a software program, you get paid up to 40% of the software sales price.

**See product affiliate payment table below**

Affiliate sales commissions are automatically paid through PayPal, 60 days after the close of each month, when your affiliate balance is $50.00 or more.

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Plus an Extra 10% on 2-Tier Commissions For Signing Up Affiliates

Sign up new affiliates and earn 10% of everything they sell. When new affiliates signup through your link, you earn second tier commissions on the total of the software.

Link code that you add to your web site's, web pages is automatically generated in your affiliate support panel

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Requires PayPal account

To offer one of the highest Affiliate payouts on the Internet, quick-and-easy payment to our affiliates was a must-have. The software we've chosen, is the best we've found, but it does require a PayPal account to pay you. We won't email anything to your PayPal email address.

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Five minutes to sign-up now.

Different links and/or images, with your affiliate ID will be automatically generated for you to place in your website or e-newsletters.

To get web marketing information, banners, and text for RoSee, click here.

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You get automatic proof of every sale!

Immediate notification of the Sale is automatically emailed to you, just after final payment processing.

Check your click-thru sales and commission stats in real time at your affiliate support panel.

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How does it work?

To get credit for all your marketing efforts just include a simple Affiliate link in your:

  • web site's pages
  • personal emails by adding it to your signature files
  • list servers
  • chat boards
  • EZine articles

Add your Affiliate link to your web site and all of your outgoing email. Send it to everyone in your address book. Create a page or an entire area on your web site, explaining about Cyber-Robotics' software. Make sure every visitor to your web site knows about our products. How about a complete web site dedicated to just selling Cyber-Robotics' software? These are just a few ways to start making money now. You can figure out a hundred ways to market our software. You're smart or you wouldn't be reading this!

When a visitor to your web site clicks your Affiliate link and goes to, a cookie is stored on the visitor's computer.  Even if he leaves for weeks or months, then comes back to take a good look at what has to offer and then buys, you still get credit for the sale.

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Dos, Don'ts and Fine Print.

Affiliate Program Guidelines

  • Affiliate 's personal software purchases are not included in Affiliate program. will not be involved with the following marketing strategies:

  • E-mail spam or mass emailing. If you use either of these in your marketing of our software, such use may result in immediate suspension from the Distributor program.
  • Do not use false claims in your marketing. Please use the material from the web site
  • Do not use unprofessional marketing techniques.

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Affiliate Payment Percentage Table

RoSEE With RoSEE, you get paid 25% of the sales price of the software.
Zeus With Zeus, you get paid 40% of the sales price of the software.

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