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 Zeus Users enjoy Great Traffic, HIGH  PageRank and TOP 10 listings

"Thank you Zeus!  I started utilizing this incredible tool in July of 2006 and realized a nearly immediate increase in my page rank and my traffic doubled.  Each time I republish my directory, I note an increase in sources of traffic!  What a great return on investment!!  The learning curve to using Zeus Internet Marketing Robot is minimal and well worth every minute."

Lorena Emmons Home Page

"Zeus is indeed a god above all link managing software tools!

Fifteen months ago I came across Zeus and downloaded the free version and started my linking campaign for my web site
The result I achieved is extraordinary. Before I started using Zeus, my web site had no Alexa Ranking at all and the Google Page Rank was zero (No Data). After three months of using Zeus, my Alexa Ranking was within 1,200,000 and my Google Page Rank shot up to 2. At the end of July 2005 (after 5 months of using Zeus) my Google Page Rank shot up again to 3. On August 7, 2005 I found my Alexa Ranking to be 897,895. During the last week of August 2005 a friend of mine presented me the PRO version of Zeus.Today my Google Page Rank is 4 and my Alexa Rank is 161,756.
My heartfelt thanks to David Notestine and his wonderful robot"

T.V. Antony Raj Home Page


"Wooden Toys and More links pages were a disorganized mess before I found Zeus.  I spent hours each day looking for someone who would agree to link with me and doing it myself was cumbersome and time consuming.  My page rank was zero, which was just a little lower than my daily visitors.
Then a friend introduced me to Zeus.  The learning curve wasn't that bad and I had the free version up in no time.  Then I decided to go with the PRO version because of the additional benefits.
My page rank went from 0 to 4 in a few months and visitors and sales steadily climbed.  I have it on all three of my online stores now and wouldn't be without it.  I call it, "Dancing with Zeus!".

Shoshana Bailey Home Page
Search Engine Ranking Search Engine Keyword (click to see) Date
 # 4 Google "handcrafted wooden toys" 04/05/2006
 # 3 Google "hand crafted rocking horses" 04/05/2006
 # 5 Yahoo "wooden playhouses" 04/05/2006
 # 1 MSN "train tracks" 04/05/2006


"Zeus is the best thing that could happen to my website.  I tried the PPC and all the search engine listing stuff for 8 months.  But I didn't see qualified targeted traffic until I started using Zeus to build a link directory.  I've been using Zeus for 3 months now.  The people who come to my site now are coming because they have been on a site that is similar to mine and they are already looking for what we have to offer.  We have a tight niche product but, our sales so far this year have already surpassed last years total sales.  Zeus and David, you have made a friend of me.  Come and see what Zeus has done for me in just 3 short months!  Just look for the helpful resources link at the bottom of the home page.".

Sheena Lawrence Home Page
Search Engine Ranking Search Engine Keyword (click to see) Date
 # 1 MSN "Serenity Prayer fountain" 03/30/2006
 # 1 MSN "Relapse Prevention" 03/30/2006
 # 5 Yahoo "Relapse prevention workbook" 03/30/2006
 # 2 Yahoo "relapse prevention exercises" 03/30/2006
 # 2 Yahoo "relapse prevention risk assessment" 03/30/2006


"Zeus has helped put our website into the top 1% according to Alexa. Our daily visits are now up also. Zeus has proven itself in our book!".

Jeff Langfels Home Page
Search Engine Ranking Search Engine Keyword (click to see) Date
 # 1 Google "Chicago Vet" 03/30/2006
 # 1 Google "Chicago Veterinarian" 03/30/2006
 # 1 MSN "Chicago Vet" 03/30/2006
 # 2 Yahoo "Chicago Veterinarian" 03/30/2006
 # 1 Yahoo "Chicago Veterinary Clinic" 03/30/2006


"I started with the Zeus Freebie version two days Ago.  Wow !!  I'm so happy with the ease of use, the results are fantastic, and even I can understand the easy to follow tutorials! I bought the Zeus Pro today !  I'm so excited !  I can't wait to see the results of one week of daily work.  Already on my first site, I have more than the other company got, in 4 months!  Wow..  That's hitting where the money is!!  And it's fun!!".

Doug Grinnell Home Page


"Zeus is truly a godsend and makes it a whole bunch easier to find quality partners to link with. The design of it also makes it incredibly powerful to use in all aspects of link management, as your understanding of it increases.

The more we use it the more fellow Zeusians we find. It is helping our business go forward very nicely indeed. Even though we have just started and are working our way up the ranking ladder we have several quality link partners already and several hundred pages pointing to our store".

Geoff Lawrence Home Page
Search Engine Ranking Search Engine Keyword (click to see) Date
 # 5 MSN "comfortable walking shoes" 02/06/2006
 # 2 MSN "walking shoes Canada" 02/06/2006


"WooHoo.....My "Outdoor Adventures Directory" links page is NOW ranked #1 on MSN, and holds the #1 & #2 spots on Yahoo. It is also listed in the TOP 10 on Ask, Netscape, Excite and Lycos. This program has done wonders for bringing in quality traffic!".

David Hollins Home Page
Search Engine Ranking Search Engine Keyword (click to see) Date
 # 1 MSN "Outdoor Adventures Directory" 02/02/2006
 # 1 Yahoo "Outdoor Adventures Directory" 02/02/2006
 # 6 Ask Jeeves "Outdoor Adventures Directory" 02/02/2006
 # 9 Excite "Outdoor Adventures Directory" 02/02/2006

"We have used Zeus for years now at Weddings By The Sea.  The ease of use once you get your Web site directory up is just one of many top reasons why this product is a must for every size Web site owner.

Links are vital to our success, but I don't have a lot of time to burn.  I do everything related to the site, serve as our wedding officiant, and handle all the business elements. So you can understand why I need something quick and efficient for our ongoing link development strategy.

After receiving a request from a domain for a link and researching the site to see if it's a good one for our domain, it only takes me about three minutes to get it into my directory, upload it, and fire an email back to a company that I've added them.

Thank you David and everyone related to Zeus!".

Terry Plank Home Page
Search Engine Ranking Search Engine Keyword (click to see) Date
 # 5 Google "bay area wedding location" 01/24/2006
 # 5 Google "california wedding package" 01/24/2006
 # 5 Google "bay area wedding officiant" 01/24/2006
 # 2 Google "half moon bay wedding sites" 01/24/2006
# 4 Google "san francisco wedding location" 01/24/2006

"We have been using The Zeus Link Exchange programs for years and we really credit Zeus in helping to get our business to become recognizable in the internet world with the search engines and our link partners. Thank you for creating such a valuable tool. We specialize in As Seen On TV Products i- Infomercials. If you have the google toolbar you will see we have a page rank of a five.".

Carol Healey Home Page
Search Engine Ranking Search Engine Keyword (click to see) Date
 # 3 MSN "as seen on tv" 01/12/2006
 # 1 MSN "smartware" 01/12/2006
 # 2 Yahoo "nutrisystem program" 01/12/2006

"I'm a graduate student at Auburn University. My professor in an E-Commerce course introduced us to Zeus and couldn't find enough good things to say. He and his son use it in their home business. In fact, the free book, "Common Sense Web Marketing" became part of our curriculum! So of course I had to try the product.

Within three hours, I had sent Zeus robots searching four times.  Then had it create and upload my first link directory with its built in FTP.

At first, I was skeptical as is anyone encountering a new product on the web.  I even tried out a couple of the competitors because I figured Zeus sounded too good to be true. I soon learned the hard way, nothing I have seen on the market right now compares.

When you install the program, Zeus runs a tutorial to teach you how to operate the program.  In fact, it runs training programs every time you do something new. What an ingenious feature for people like me who don't want to wait to read the directions!  After Zeus teaches you, you teach Zeus precisely what kind of site you are creating and what kinds of links you are seeking.  Combined with David's book, this is nearly rocket science!  Well, ok, computer science.

Let the results speak.  Within the first four hours of operation, I had four reciprocal thematic link partners thanks to Zeus, and I expect to hear affirmatively from many, many more in very short order.  Even as I write, Zeus is out scouring for more possible connections!"

Kevin Lockett Home Page

"Zeus is a great tool for link trading, as it provides the information you need for each site it visits, such as the number of links, the sites score and a contact e-mail address. All the information needed to make the right decision on whether or not you want to trade links with the site is clearly displayed, making the link process very easy.".

Sylvia Cannon Home Page

"For over 6 years, I've known that I've needed links but It's never made it to my short list of things to do. Too daunting.  Where there's a way there's a will. I'm doing it now thanks to Zeus. It's not only the best way to build links it's one of the more intuitively designed pieces of software I've ever met. I'm very wary of traffic building tools--there are so many scams out there. This is anything but a scam.  It's a real gift.".

Jeremy Sherman Ph.D. Home Page

"Our web marketing strategy for our website, , was mainly to utilize link trades to build our site's relevancy for search engines.  With Zeus, I work about a half hour a day to add 5 relevant links. We launched our site in May, and we are currently in the top 8% of the traffic on the web, and have over $2000 for the first half of this month.  What more can I say?".

Andrew Moran Home Page

"I'm so glad that I bought Zeus to search for web sites that would link to my web site which I launched in April this year.

Before Zeus, I found it hard and time consuming to request a link to my web site from other web sites. Many webmasters just ignored my request because my web site had Google PR0 and Alexa said that there was no ranking data for my web site.

Then a friend told me about Zeus.  So, six weeks ago I started my linking campaign for my web site with Zeus. Out of my first batch of 50 potential link partners was one kind Webmaster, who too uses Zeus. He placed a link to my web site without any hesitation since he believed that my web site would soon achieve high Google PR because I used Zeus. Through his constant guidance and utilizing the power of Zeus I started linking to quality web sites.

On August 10, just one month after I started using Zeus, this friendly Webmaster sent me an email message: "Congratulations on your web site attaining a Google PR2.  And your Alexa Ranking is now 3,437,120."

It was indeed a miracle and I was really astonished to have achieved this milestone in just one month.
Today I find that my Alexa Ranking is 1,848,824.

My thanks goes to David Notestine for creating Zeus.  Zeus is truly the god of Internet Marketing!".

Estrella Viloria Home Page
Search Engine Ranking Search Engine Keyword (click to see) Date
 # 4 MSN "majorica pearl necklaces" 8/21/2005
 # 3 MSN "fresh water pearl necklaces" 8/21/2005

"Zeus is indeed a god above all link managing software tools!

Five months ago I came across Zeus and downloaded the free version and started my linking campaign for my web site The result I achieved is extraordinary.
Five months ago before I started using Zeus, my web site had no Alexa Ranking at all and the Google Page Rank was zero.
Two months ago my Alexa Ranking was within 1,200,000 and my Google Page Rank shot up to 2.
A fortnight ago my Google Page Rank shot up again to 3.  Today I checked my Alexa Ranking and found it to be 897,895.
My heartfelt thanks to David Notestine and his wonderful robot.

Yours sincerely"
T.V. Antony Raj

"'When I picked you among others on the net, I picked up a life line. What can I say, but thanks, thanks and thank you. First, thank you for the free 171 pages " Common Sense Web Marketing". I learned more from it in a few hours than I've done in two years of surfing the web for a route towards increasing the traffic on to our site.

To drive the message home for us, a few hours after trying your method and ideas, traffic to our site doubled. Purchasing Zeus is one of the best investments we ever made. Thank You"

Akin Famojuro
Connections Travel Services LLC

 "Zeus is a superb instrument for increasing your web traffic. you can target web sites  and invite them to be link partners with your own styled letter approach. the response has for me been excellent and has dramatically increased traffic. I would not hesitate to recommend this software to anybody wishing to maximize their web traffic."

Sam Weller

"I have been using Zeus now for about two years.  I initially started doing my links by hand, and it was fairly time consuming.  After playing around with the free version for a while, I decided to buy the Zeus PRO version.
My linking strategy has always been what Zeus proposes...linking to quality, relevant sites.  I have done my best to optimize my site, add original, fresh content, and added a multitude of good partners, since Zeus makes it so much fun and easy to do.  My PR has increased, and I recognize I must give some credit to Zeus for helping my site with that.
Also, I have saved a lot of time by using Zeus...time that I can dedicate on continue to improve and add to my site's content"

Jose Gonzalez

"Having used Zeus on my first site for just a few months i've already achieved a PR of 3 on Google - Now with the launch of a New site using Zeus from the outset was part of my initial set-up. Without a doubt its easy to use and by far the most effective Link builder I have used.
Thank you to the team for your support"

Keith Burnham

"This is the best linking program I've EVER used!".

Rob Home Page
Search Engine Ranking Search Engine Keyword (click to see) Date
 # 1 Google "Magnacraft binoculars" 7/30/2005
 # 1 Google "Pepper Bloc" 7/30/2005
 # 1 Google "key chain knives" 7/30/2005
 # 1 & 2 Google "wooden nunchucks" 7/30/2005
 # 1 & 2 Google "collectable daggers" 7/30/2005

 "I have been using Zeus for about a month along with another online link partner programZeus wins hands down!  It is by far, the most time saving, time efficient and professional program out there and I have looked at a lot of them.
Now that I am done with the comparison testing, I anticipate my link count will go up dramatically using Zeus exclusively!
Great job Zeus!"

Stephen Malan
Humidor Vault, LLC

"Just a few weeks after installing Zeus PRO and getting many reciprocal links, my Google PR went from 0 to 4. I love the ease of maintaining my links also.  I can chill out on the beach while Zeus is busy emailing second notices.  I got over 50 reciprocal links that way yesterday.

This has increased my referrals from all the search engines and has increased sales.  I LOVE Zeus and don't know how I ever got along without him!".

Shoshana Bailey Home Page
Search Engine Ranking Search Engine Keyword (click to see) Date
   # 11 Google "Storkcraft Baby" 7/27/2005
 # 5 Google "Storkcraft" 7/27/2005
 # 2 Google "Sage Creek organic" 7/27/2005
 # 2 MSN "Storkcraft" 7/27/2005
 # 2 Yahoo "Storkcraft Baby Furniture" 7/27/2005

What NOT TO DO with Zeus!

"My main web site is http:/ On the year 2003 had a PR6, and an Alexa's index smaller than 100,000

Like most webmasters I WAS always looking for a way to increase the traffic toward my web site, and in one of my investigations I read that search engines used to punish web sites that exchanged links, and that if I had a links exchange directory I should delete it, and that would improve my prestige and traffic.

And I was so stupid to believe it!

So I deleted my links directory (unfortunately not keeping a copy for me) and almost immediately I say the results:

          My Page Rank dropped from 6 to 2 and with it my traffic!

When I saw the disaster I realized that the ones that say that search engines punish sites with links directories don't know what they are talking about, that the only thing that it is punished are the link farms, but if you only have authentic theme related links: That brings traffic! and it is not punished at all.

Now I'm trying to recover my previous traffic and the experience of these years told me with no doubt that traffic is achieved through many pages of good themed web content, and many links from related places with good traffic.
with my best wishes."

Dr. Roberto A. Bonomi Home Page
Search Engine Ranking Search Engine Keyword (click to see) Date
 # 6 Alta Vista "easy home business" 7/27/2005
 # 1 MSN "easy home business" 7/27/2005
 # 1 Yahoo "easy home business" 7/27/2005
 # 1 LookSmart "easy home business" 7/27/2005
 # 4 Alltheweb "easy home business" 7/27/2005
  # 11 LookSmart "home business ideas" 7/27/2005

"The Zeus Cyber Robotics program is absolutely the best program in getting A LOT of links in the shortest amount of time!! I HIGHLY recommend it if you're serious about getting into the internet business!!
A Satisfied User,".

Robert Home Page

"Don't let them fool you: link exchange is CRITICAL to getting search engine ranking, particularly for highly searched phrases. And, Zeus is the hands-down best way to manage your link campaign!".

Cale Bergh Home Page
Search Engine Ranking Search Engine Keyword (click to see) Date
 # 3 Google "Zone Diet" 6/27/2005
 # 1 Google "Zone Diet Recipes" 6/27/2005
 # 1 MSN "Zone Diet" 6/27/2005
 # 1 Yahoo "Zone Diet" 6/27/2005
 # 5 AltaVista "Zone Diet" 6/27/2005

"Zeus - is indeed the GOD of finding sites to create link exchanges. I was lost, I am not new to SEO. I have been around the block hunting up websites for companies, I knew where to look.... Till a particular client came to me and said I hear linking is a way to boost your Search Rank. When I told him yea it is, he said can you do it for me. Naturally I said sure, there has to be tons of places I can find you link partners. Then I looked, where normally I would have found links without a problem, there was. Then I turned and tried Zeus... first I was apprehensive... till it found 50 sites (35 of which made a good match for the website)... That was all I needed to know, I bought the program then and there and have not turned back since. Oh and for that hard to find link exchange website in 1 week we went from 0 to 250 link partners. Currently I have Zeus looking for sites for three clients, and it is finding more in a night of running than I can keep up with. Unleash that power of Zeus John Birrenbach Consulting - Since the late 80's I have been marketing on the net.!".

John Birrenbach Home Page

"I purchased Zeus about 6 months ago and started an online web directory called the Who's Who Guide of Art. Within a few months and many hundreds of Art related websites being listed I found that the traffic was up to about 750 unique visitors each day. The search engines had found the website and so now I'm getting link partner visitors along with search engine traffic as well."

"I then started a more General Directory called the Who's Who Guide. I add websites to the Guide, exchange links, get search engine traffic and now between the two Who's Who Guide's I get about 1500 visitors each day."

"Many of my categories get #1 placement in many search engines including Google, Yahoo and MSN.

I believe that David's philosophy about building relationships with webmasters is unbeatable. It works and you get all the perks for building good content and well structured directories."

David J. Smith and Home Page
Search Engine Ranking Search Engine Keyword (click to see) Date
 # 1 Yahoo "whos who" 6/8/05
 # 1 and 2 Google "whos who guide" 6/8/05
 # 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 Yahoo "whos who guide" 6/8/05
 # 1 and 2 MSN "whos who guide" 6/8/05
 # 7 Google "ceiling murals" 6/8/05

"Absolutely fantastic! I had been struggling to get Google to notice my site before Zeus. After only two months I've went from PR 0 to PR 5. What an outstanding program. Thank you."

John Handling Home Page

"I have used Zeus for almost 3 months and it has help me to move my site up the search engine scale quickly with a dramatic traffic increase as well as increased revenues. I would not have been successful this quickly without the help of the Zeus package. The package was easy to use and to update for my unique requirements."

Mark Steward
Choice Accessories, LP Home Page
Search Engine Ranking Search Engine Keyword (click to see) Date
 # 1 Google "wildlife patches" 5/14/2005
 # 1 MSN "wildlife patches" 5/14/2005
 # 1 MSN "wildlife ringtones" 5/14/2005
 # 2 Google "wildlife ringtones" 5/14/2005
 # 2 MSN "animal patches" 5/14/2005
 # 8 Google "animal patches" 5/14/2005

"By using Zeus, I took a brand new web-site to #1 in rankings for the most common search terms relative to boating in about 3 months! Just check out and see for yourself! Zeus is a great tool, it's simple enough for me to use and I don't know much about creating web-sites. Thanks Zeus!"

"BTW using your Zeus, I got to number one in Google within about 3 and a half months for the key word search - "hypnosis tapes" - Fabulous kit!!"

James Middleton

"Thank you for the unbelievable program. I am so excited. We are the first on Google with most of our key words. Our number of visitors are getting higher and higher every day!!!.... :o)"

Zsuzsanna K

"We've been using a 'Zeus Pro' since late September 2002. We have been absolutely delighted with it as a tool to go from 'nowhere' in Google ranking to page 3 by December 2002, Page 1 by January 2003, then no lower than top 6 for many months....we were at #3 on first page or better for much of past 3 months."

B Brown

Bill Williams"I started my site in early May. I have slaved for hours every day getting just the right keywords in my meta tags, resubmitting to search engines, reading articles about search engines optimization, buying banner ads, etc. I did all that work just to build my site up to about 100 unique visitors per day. I downloaded Zeus about 4 weeks ago. With Zeus working on my behalf, I already have over 500 unique visitors per day! Before Zeus I spent months trying to get traffic to my site with no luck and it only took Zeus 4 weeks. I wish I would have found this software in May."

Bill W.

"ZEUS is truly the secret for making your business a HUGE success online. ... ZEUS worked very well for me and has found over 800 links so far. I found the online support is quick to respond and the phone support was very patient with me. I know nothing about web marketing or design so it was very refreshing to have a kind voice to help guide me - thank you Jason. ZEUS has been recently upgraded and there are many improvements making it even easier to use. I am VERY HAPPY with this product and have had business go from zero to more sales every month. Marketing any business takes time, hard work, persistence and a never give-up attitude - especially if you have a lot of competitors like I do. I did find links on my own but it takes a huge amount of time. ZEUS makes this a lot easier. It may take a little time to learn but once you get the hang of it the sky's the limit and you will be successful. Thanks again ZEUS!"

A. Morehouse
"Velvet Pocket Vintage" & "A to Z Catwalk"

"Zeus reminds me of the Matrix when they first introduce Neo. It is searching away looking for anything that you tell it to look for. You have to spend some time with the program to get familiar with everything and it's capabilities but once your there and you learn the key concepts you can really go a long way with it. Scamfinders claimed that you are limited one the layout. This is true when you don't know to use the templates of the in-depth features of the program, but if you learn your way around you are free to do whatever you want with it. My links section looks just as good if not better than the rest of the site, and it loads twice as fast as the other pages. I have been using the program for a little over a month and I went from 5-10 hits per day to 150-200 hits per day. My page was not ranked by google and I now have a rating of 3 out of 10. Also, my Alexa ranking was in the millions and now it is just above 100,000. (lower ranking is better with alexa) You do have to spend some time with the program, but if you make the investment in learning, you will be paid back 10 fold. You can't be lazy to get results. It only works if you work it."

100-Best-Water-Filters Webmaster

"Starting a Zeus reciprocal link system does take quite a bit of effort and time, especially in the beginning. However, the payoff is worth every minute of it! Plus, working with Zeus is a lot of fun and very rewarding. I gave "Ease of Use" the highest ranking, although it took me a little time to familiarize myself with Zeus in the beginning. However, the immediate and friendly response to my questions helped me over any hurdles rather quickly. Customer Service definitely deserves an A+. In my humble opinion, it can't get any better than Zeus."

CyberStyling Webmaster

"I had a web site before the current one and went along with all the ways to get traffic to it. I was spending a ton of money on pay per click and other ideas for traffic all to get 50-75 hits a day and 1-2 orders a month!! After starting a new site and closing the other, I found ZEUS and gave it a try. After 4 months, we have gone way up in the search engine rankings and traffic continues to grow. The best part is we have spent NOTHING in advertising at this time! Thank You ZEUS!!!"

Sport Trucker

"great product"


"We have been using Zeus for the past four years, starting with the earlier version that was tough to master. Our link directory took a while to build and underwent a number of revisions, but the results have been phenomenal. Our several sites have been #1 for their primary keywords on Google for some time, and are in the top 10 for several secondary key words as well. We now consistently get over 5000 virtual visitors a day without paying a penny for click throughs. The primary reason is that we followed the Zeus guidelines closely and created a lot of link popularity. Thank you Zeus!"


"Although it requires work on behalf of the user - and some dedication - for the price, it's by far the best marketing tool you can get for the money. If you don't have a large advertising budget and you are willing to consistently put your own efforts into marketing your own products - this is for you.... LEARN TO USE IT PROPERLY and it will be your best friend!!! The negative comments come from those who didn't take the time to do it right CONSISTENTLY! They were looking for a quick and easy solution with no work on their part..."

Online learning that works

"David and Peter"

"I've been spinning my wheels and spending hard earned money on SE, Google AdWords and seeing very little return! Your "Using Link Building Tools Properly" has got to be one of the very best FREE conferences I have ever heard on the internet!"

"I would and will highly recommend Zeus PRO and this conference to my downline and subscribers! Within a few weeks I will definitely purchase Zeus PRO for my own personal use! By the way, I haven't even yet opened the program. I am just so motivated and happy to have found a true marketing resource! Thank you and God Bless!"

Kevin Chase
West Haven, Connecticut USA

"I've used Zeus for a couple of years on various sites that I have developed. One site that I've put the most into have consistently ranked very highly throughout Google, and I generate several thousand visits each week. It takes a commitment, but it does pay off handsomely. Buy the pro version if you're going to use it much. It's worth the upgrade."


"I have been manually searching for link partners, but zeus now does all the work. This is a must have for link trading."

Steve H.

"If you put your time into learning this program and teaching it what you want it to do, it's GREAT! I've been using this program for 3 years now. It's a great product; a bit of a learning curve, but WELL worth the time. The cgi add-on scripts make this a powerful webmaster tool."


"An excellent product, bar none. I've tried others. Once its trained Zeus finds good partners, helps you to email them and ask for links, and builds your link directory. It's much too much work to do this without Zeus."


"I have used the older version of Zeus for about a year and loved it. Now I upgraded and purchased the new version. WOW! The features are great. Saves me many hundreds of hours over manual searching and e-mailing and linking. Zeus is the best! Version 3 makes e-mailing quick and easy. Managing the links is a snap! I love this program!"


"It is the first time since I am trying to make internet marketing that something finally works, for a few cost. Within just a fews days posting links, my ranking on the search engines has jumped. I have a regular flow of visitors each day and I can finally see the day that I will quit my job. Yes, tough, you have to read and take the time to train but it is definitely worth it. Good luck to everyone!"


"I finally bit the bullet and got to work using Zeus. Now I don't know why I waited so long. Besides doing all the work for you (well, after you train it), it takes the record-keeping and tedious searches out of the task of finding suitable links. A must-have for serious online businesses."


"I've been using Zeus for 31/2 years. In the beginning, I was worried if I could figure it out (I'm not one to read instructions). But within a few days, I was flying. When I upgraded Zeus, I saw it was made even better and I use it on all my sites. I've tried others, but this is the best. Good luck."


"A fantastic tool for web pages"


"I have nothing but rave reviews for Zeus. My standings in the search engines are very high. The number of visitors to my website has soared. It does take time and committment to learn. However,whenever I had problems, all I had to do was make a phone call to Jason or Peter, and they gave me as much time as I needed to fix the problem. GOOD JOB ZEUS AND THANK YOU!!!"


"I have been a professional internet marketer for over 5 years now. Zeus is THE BEST traffic generation tool on the market, for receiving FREE, high-quality, targeted traffic and excellent search engine positioning. HIGHLY, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!"


"The ZEUS program gets all the credit for getting my site to number 1 for several popular keywords. Highly recommended if you are serious about getting great search engine ranking"


"Zeus will be your new best friend also if you take the time to tell him what you want. Read the help files and learn to use him. I admit he is not the easiest in the world to learn but is very well woth the effort. Thanks cyber-robotics for introducing me to zeus. Happy linking !"


"Thank you very much! You guys are fantastic! I am very impressed with both your product and 
support! All the best"

Robert H.

"What an awesome program Zeus is!!"


"Suddenly, I am picking up some traffic from Google. I just found out why. They have picked up my theme page index and one of my sub categories and listed them 1 and 2 under a keyword phrase that I would have never expected. 

Another theme page is no 4 and 12 and 13 for a different key word phrase. 

Way to go Zeus!"


"I started from scratch about 3 weeks ago and I have limited time to look for link partners. 

But look at the results! I have over 500 search terms on a pay per click engine. Zeus links are producing more hits than the PPC approach. 

In fact, ZEUS and my wonderful link partners, already account for over 30% of my daily traffic. 

Am I a happy camper? You better believe it and if you aren't using Zeus, you are losing traffic."


"Thanks for the help! this is awesome! I love the program, just having my share of fun with the templates right now before I email any potential partners..."


"I just wanted to express my gratitude and appreciation toward all of you especially Jason, Peter and of course David. I got some interesting results ..... Keep it up."


"I can't believe something actually worked!!!

I am on page one on Google and Yahoo under one key word and Page 3 on Alta Vista. Under a second key word I am on page 4 on Google and page 2 on Yahoo and Alta Vista. My page rank is a 6. This is all from Zeus since May of this year. I decided to buy the program long ago and wanted to buy it with all your specials and just was unable to. Cash flow is still tight but I so I want to buy the program. Is there any specials going on that I can take advantage of a savings.

I just LOVE Zeus. I am so amazed at the results in such a short period of time. Thank you for allowing me to test Zeus and let me see the proof.

You just don't know how much I have been screwed by people and companies on things that "work". You really do what you say.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. If it was not for trying and using Zeus, we would have been out of business by the end of the summer. We now have a fighting chance."

Kathleen F


"I just purchased your software last night, and I love it. Thanks for making such an awesome program!!"


"I love Zeus. It is truly an amazing tool!"

Julie G.

"Thanks for the great service!"


"Thank-you for your time. I wanted to tell you that this is truly one awesome program. I found it easy to use and very self explanatory. Keep up the GREAT work!!!"


"What great service!!! Thank you!"

Robert H

Thanks Peter - I appreciate your time! Did I say how much I love Zeus? It's the reason my calligraphy business did so well last year and still continues to do well - I get more business than I can handle.


BTW thought I would mention that I am #1 at Google for my primary keywords "Orlando vacation homes" - that is from nowhere since I started linking with Zeus..... great stuff


Hello Peter,

I just wanted to take sometime today to say "Thank You." Since buying Zeus, our primary website is starting to see some real action. We are not at the point that we will get a milliion hits this month, but we have already seen a huge increase in keyword position, number of keywords in the search engine, lower Alexa Score (1.2 mil to 106,000), and a higher Google Page Rank (3 to 5).

I remember in January asking you two about the Forums and the neigh sayers of Zeus when our Page Rank went to zero. You were both confident and reassuring that is was just temporary. You were right. About a week later our Page Rank went from Zero to Four. I thank you two both again for everything.

I November when we started using Zeus we had zero links and now have over 180. In January we had only 14 links listed on Google and 14 pages indexed. Today we have 208 links listed and 120 pages indexed. We plan to keep on going with Zeus until we can see over 1000 links in our directory.

For anyone that has any doubts about Zeus, they are wrong. We are in the middle of finishing our first Newsletter and creating some more useful content for the website. As soon as we get the chance we will write you both a glowing referral letter. I am sure that you guys get letters everyday but I just wanted to take sometime and tell you that you have not just impacted our business but you both have impacted us personally with your service, advise, and constant updates, conferences, and emails.

Thanks once again,


This is more a plug than anything. After those bad guys were saying all that bad stuff about zeus and google I watched it closely.

I just checked some of my stats to find that I have some great ranking on some very general search terms. And it's all zeus.

I have been at #1 at google on my main search term "belt buckle knife" for some time. I was shocked to find I am also at # one on the term "belt buckle" and I am rising quickly on the word "knife" #8 and Knives #35. I'm pretty impressed with myself and bragging a bit.

I started using Zeus before Christmas as part of a marketing improvement plan focused on reciprocal links. In the 3 months since then, I have seen at least 30% increase in unique visitors, greatly increased our page ranking per Alexa, increased our inbound links by about a factor of 3 per, and had to buy SQL server to handle the traffic that our Access database was choking on (ouch!). Sales are up too! Some potential link partners are leery of Zeus and claim they will be penalized if included in my directory. Their loss. I have not done much on SEO since using Zeus, although my pages were optimized using WebPosition and we do change content periodically to maintain freshness. But linking is a big part of our improvement. Plus I'm scouting out possible product line extensions, affiliate programs and more in the process. You learn a lot while Zeus-ing.

Thank you so much for your wonderful help! I can't tell you how wonderful it is that I can ask a question and have a solution in less than an hour much less the same day. You've got my vote for the best support of any software company in the business world.

Angie Gillis


As an advertising copywriter I want to compliment you on how well your training program is written and presented -- a refreshing change from the gobbledeygook one normally gets from even the best software companies. It makes a huge difference!

Continued success in 2003.

Phil Cunliffe

I am really pleased with Zeus. After only 6 weeks of use, I have about 250 links with about 100 of these being reciprocal links. I now get 4 times as many unique visitors than I had six weeks ago and it is growing by the day.



Thanks for your help. I have to say that your response has been the fastest of any company that I have ever dealt directly with. In most cases, I would expect an email maybe in a day or so. I think you answered BOTH of mine in under 30 minutes each! Feel free to quote me on this! I will tell others.

Robert Aldrich

Thank you
I am just learning how to crawl in the webmaster department. But boy am I glad that I found Zeus!!!!
It takes a task that without it would seem impossible. And actually makes it manageable.
Thanks again
J. DiGiovanni

Thank you, you should teach the business world about email tech support. Other companies who use email support treat it like a gift of time. Simply not caring that the other end there hanging on for the supports response. Keep up the good job thank you

James R


The other day I was searching Google for "weight loss" for a project that I am working on. Top on the list was a site called "" A rather simple site. Not "optimized" for search engines as most people would have you believe is needed. Not the first meta tag! If you look at her directory you will see that it is a Zeus directory. It appears that this is all she has done. How much traffic does she get? Weight loss is searched on Google over 350,000 times a month! I haven't checked other search engines to see where they rank. Pretty cool though.

Thought you might like to know,"


"Thank you for your terrific support!
Zeus is running well on and I am going to use it on my 7 other sites.
Wonderful program!"

Zeus PRO satisfied user.

"Will say this, i have bought a lot of products in five years of internet business and running five web sites. They all promise support when you buy, but few deliver when something goes wrong.
You have a great product and some real back in the old days type of support.
Again, thanks."


"I am one very happy customer! You have gone WAY out of your way to help me and your patience is outstanding. I am happy to report that my Zeus and I are back on track and are now venturing together into the world of templates! : )

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Warm regards,"

Joanne Del Torre
Fashion Treasures

"Thanks, that worked just fine. :-)

I'm already getting links back to me. This is exciting. Even more so when traffic picks up I'm sure, but I'll tell you, I'd have NEVER done all the manual work this would have required without Zeus."

"Thanks for your help; it is a real pleasure doing business with you. If only all online businesses operated like you.

The impressive monthly increase in visitors is entirely due to Zeus and the backup I have received from you.

"Zeus Isnít Hype Itís for Real
My Traffic Increased in 6 Weeks 25% with Zeus

Being a Certified Search Engine Optimizer and Internet Marketing Consultant I knew the importance of links and how search engines and directories are using links as a variable in their equation of ranking websites. When I read about Zeus I knew it was a tool I had to have. However in carefully reading what Zeus could do I thought out side the box. I said the key to this program besides the links is you are creating individual title and keyword pages. This was insane to me because my mentality was if I have 50 different themes then those are 50 keyword pages the search engines could potentially spider and rank.

I started working on my site while I was letting Zeus create my Model, Photographer, and Actors Casting Directory. After having my site up for a few months I was getting traffic but only by accident. I had no intention of even trying to get traffic because I wanted to get a couple of Zeus directories going before I did anything. In addition I was working on other projects that were occupying my time. MSN spidered my site and ranked a few pages. I added my Model, Photographer, and Actors Casting Directory created by Zeus. Do you know after one week the Zeus created directory brought me 15 unique visitors. The visitors kept increasing. As I had hypothesized the search engines spidered every page of my directory individually. They ranked certain Zeus pages relatively high. The Zeus created directory after 6 weeks was bringing 25% of my total traffic. Amazing.

Zeus creates individual pages that search engine can spider very easy. I have proven that these pages will get ranked and bring significant traffic to your site. Can you imagine your traffic increasing by 25%. It is happening on my site I am seeing it everyday it is truly remarkable

A quarter of my traffic is from Zeus after 6 weeks and:
∑I didnít optimize Zeus pages for the search engines
∑I didnít submit Zeus to search engines
∑I donít have meta tags in my pages
∑I still havenít asked for reciprocal links from the Zeus sites in my directory

Now tell me that isnít insane. Zeus essentially created gateway or doorway pages that lead users to my main page.

The bottom line is Zeus is not only a fantastic link tool but it is also a great tool for search engine traffic.

I just purchased the search script for Zeus. It is excellent.

Thank you guys at Zeus for all your support. I would especially like to thank Peter who exceeds all expectations when it comes to customer service."

Trent Partridge

"Since finding Zeus my sites have taken off. Before I found and used Zeus none of my sites were in the engine and they kept ignoring them for some reason. When I used Zeus I actually got one link that helped me the most it was on a page with a high google page rank I asked them for a link exchange and they linked to me with my keywords in the link itself. Within 3 weeks my page was at the top of google for the keyword and I haven't looked back since. I can't even keep up to all the orders now and that's from one link. Imagine what my traffic will be like in a year with many more of the same themed links.
Thank you,"


"You have a terrific product. We design the eCommerce engines that sites like dartdealer use and I know great quality when I see it.
Well done!"


"I just installed my Zeus 14 days ago and had a few problems uploading. I did it manually which is NOT what one is to do and I got caught in a mire of deadends, so the tech support help (Peter) was fantastic! Timely, and well written so that it went directly to solving the problems. Easily.

Thanks!!!! Can't wait to get hundred of links up and running - great program and you folks are clearly dedicated at your craft - not just scamming people for money and never returning emails. (I've obviously experienced that.) May you, and all of us, be blessed abundantly in our website endeavors.

I'll be buying the PRO version very soon!"


"Just got my first directory in place with Zeus. I have to say I am extremely impressed with the attention to detail you've put into the product. The automatically generated meta-tags are a beautiful example of a well crafted product."


"It took me less than 4 hours (3 of it was allowing Zeus to roam) to learn Zeus Internet Marketing and setting up a Professional Link List. The Great User Interface, Top Notch Help, and Very Friendly and Helpful Priority Email Question Staff make this program a Winner.  The most difficult part of Zeus is actually clicking the mouse."


"So far, this a wonderful application. I am a professional developer, and the entire concept of this application is unique and much needed. I was amazed at how easy Zeus was to train. The web site that referred this application made it sound like a monster to learn, but I had it figured out in less than an hour. I was very pleased at the quality of links it pulled up for me for related web sites and purchased it in less than 24 hours of trying it out.

Thanks for a wonderful, well-thought out application. I certainly won't be recommending it to my competition! :-)
May God bless you,"

Nannette Thacker
Christian Singles Dating

>> ...effortlessly increase your web site's traffic!

"Effortlessly? Not quite. But damn effective anyway! Thanks to you people, I've been forced to move my website to a host offering a better rate on bandwidth because of a 1600% increase in traffic this past year. :-)"


"Zeus has been working great.. in fact too well! We have more leads than we could have ever dreamed of, and what's best, whenever we invite other businesses, there is an over whelming positive response, over 4000 done, and 20,000 to go we are still yet to get any negative remarks!!!

Great work Zeus, keep it up!"

"Great. Zeus has help put several of my sites on the first page for major
key words on Google. For example I have #s 1, 2 and 3 under Engagement
Rings. Best,"


"You the man!
Not only does the product live up to it's expectations, your customer service goes way beyond expectations - and you can quote me on that!



You got me! I just signed up for the Pro version. Zeus has really increased
my web hits and I can't wait to see what the Pro version will do. So far it
really has paid for itself. I am also excited about trying to get other
people to join and make money doing that! Thankyou for such a great

Carol Healey

"Hi Peter and all,
Just a quick word about works!....I bought the pro version a year ago November and worked it I have my traffic has gone up....and up and up....I tried to follow your instructions as close as possible and they proved to be right.....I just had a link exchange request from a GIANT site that has been on 20/20 tv show, 60 minutes, etc. and they want to exchange links...go figure :-) the search engine gods will smile on that :-) if you are new to all this and wondering if it does....just follow what these guys teach....1. an informative site, one worth going back to...2.a well focused directory....3.and keep at it! I have uninstalled my Addweb 3, Addweb4, Search engine Spyder,Web Position Gold and several more pieces of positioning software that I forgot the names of....I am sure they work but not for me....anyway, enough rambling, thanks Peter and all the folks at Cyber-robotics....great piece of software."


"I sent 150 reciprocal email requests, and now have 20 links pointing to me, and also have made many cyber friends, thus further enhancing my business relationships with others. OH, ONE LAST THING...I emailed a question the second day I had the free version, and got an answer of great substance not 2 hours later. This encouraged me, and IMPRESSED me, as I know how difficult it is to personally answer email questions."


"BTW, Zeus is the best investment I've made in 2 1/2 years. My search engine placements are up, traffic is up and, even more important, SALES are up from getting more qualified visitors. This is all after only 1 1/2 months of use!!

Thanks for a great product!"

Hugh Daniels

"First of all I can't believe that I'm taking the time out to write a note or what have you - it certainly doesn't fit my normal profile of 'the best use of time'... However, I just wanted to congratulate you guys with what you're doing and with the continued success of your Zeus product. I like many others have spent quite a bit of dough on stuff that overpromises and underdelivers (otherwise known as C*** )... Zeus really has delivered, and I've not given any where near the effort I need to to maintenance of my Zeus etc... We've managed to build a directory of Caribbean sites - over 5 thousand...

All that's well and good - but what really illustrates the success of your company is that I did some queries re. link popularity etc... at of our sites and some of our competitors'... for jokes, I put in your site. It amazed me to think that y'all could be in better shape than sites such as WebMD... frigging hey - that's doing pretty damn well... you guys have got to be doing something right with that typa traffic - I'm sure that Zeus collective helps just a tad... lol...

Even more impressive however is your customer support. Altogether it's damn good."

K. Bradshaw

"I use Zeus to create a link directory for our newly-forming Dynamic Planet Studio. Zeus alone, is responsible for making our unique visits jump from 1800 in April to 8595 in May. I also use the Zeus database to send out newsletters to our link partners. Zeus is an invaluable marketing tool for us!"

Marie Bridgeforth

"BTW - I must congratulate your team for creating such an efficient robot which has looked at 18,000 plus links and selected 345 for me! It woudl have taken me months to do this job.

Mel Nelson

"I just posted this in the WPG forum. This is the truth :o-) (Well almost, I have almost 800 reciprocal links but who's counting right?)
Take care"



"Zeus is the best reciprocal program on the net.

This is what it takes - 2 to 3 hours to learn the program - 4 hours per day actively working / tweaking and emailing for your first week - 2 hours per day for 3 months - at least one hour per day for another 3 months - maintenance thereafter.

My health database, check it out receives +- 3,000 unique visitors per day because the SE's picked the pages up and indexed them. I have 1000 reciprocal links that bring in 40% of my unique visitors. I get another 5% directly from my database. (I have a banner and links to my home page on each of my 112 theme pages.

The time spent above is my personal experience and this will vary from person to person. If you attempted to use Zeus and failed the answer is simple - you expected the program to do all the work for you and you are just not prepared to put in any time. These days I spend about an hour per week.

Nothing is easy but the reciprocal links that I have established will live on for years. If I never get a visitor from an SE again, I will still receive almost 50% of my current visitors. Zeus has been amazing and the hard work is paying back for over 18 months. Show me any program that can produce these kind of results and I will start at the beginning putting in the time just as I have done with Zeus.

The service from David Notestine and his team cannot be compared, they are excellent and will help you all the way if you need it.

If you are wondering - NO! I am not an affiliate! It has been offered to me many times. I don't have links on my site to I just believe that credit must be given where credit is due.

Zeus is like building a house. You lay a solid foundation, build it brick by brick and then just look after it."

"BTW, Zeus is a great product. I'm using it every day to establish link exchanges with similar themed sites, and I am confident my traffic will increase over time. I also believe it will help with search engine positioning.
Thank you for your help,"


"I have used Zeus since November of 2000. At first, I found it very intriging and frustrating
at times. It was my own fault though because I am always in a hurry and want to push
buttons instead reading the directions. When I stopped to read the fantastic help directory
and the FAQ's, I found it one of the most useful tools on the Internet. The Link Pages are
completely optimized. It's free if you upload your themes within 14 days (but I
recommend buying it so you can design it like the rest of your website). Now to me, this
is the icing on the cake. There is nothing worse than needing help with something if you
can't find the answer to. Peter is one of the main guys there and has always guided me
through the tough times with a prompt reply and guidance. Never an unkind nor impatient
answer to any question. :)"


"Peter- Your support is on a level of its own -in fact before I had the pleasure of experiencing it, the comments by others strongly influenced my decision to invest the time necessary to learn this complex but very well laid out program. And when nearly real-time support was supplied on sticky points, it was icing on the cake."


"I am a Human Guide of! I maintain the tools category. Zeus looks for relevent content while I sleep! My link directory is sort of a by product of the results! Several other Guides use Zeus also when I introduced it as a new tool for finding web sites for their category. Without Zeus I would be spending hours in front of the computer looking for content. It is my hope to by the full version one day to begin a return link directory."

"I would just like to say that my site traffic is rising every week--and it's all due to my Zeus directory.

Thanks, and keep up the good work!"

Mark Zeus 8200

"I have high regards for ZUES SUPPORT TEAM.Especially a support member named peter, A year ago I was just about computer iliterate through reading and trial and error i put a site together and with ZEUS and peters help It was connected with zues with cgi i cannot tell how it will help sales. in the future I will let you know. Ihad a stroke in feburary of 2001 and in my opinion I put Peter and the support team through (Hell) my memory was damaged. Iknow one thing young or older donnot give up I wanted zues connected to the site It took 3 months but with the support teams help it happened and I thank the team and (LINK LONG AND PROSPER) as the support team would say."


"If I can do it anyone can! I am html illiterate and am new to building websites - I found Zeus and had him up and running easily under the 14 day limit. One note: I say 'I' had him up and running, actually 'We' did it. Peter's support got me hooked on Zeus and with his continued help I've got a Link Directory that's running like I know what I'm doing! Sincerely,"


"We needed instruction on the FTP AutoSet and upload feature. An email was sent asking for assistance. Within one hour, a reply was received with detailed, easy to follow insructions. The instructions were followed and the FTP AutoSet and upload feature worked as designed.

David E

"I just wanted to thank you for your excellent help in setting up the template for my link directory. It's nice to see such a great example of technical support for a program and it adds even more value to the already outstanding Zeus program!"

Richard Hefner

"Quid Pro Quo - term used in law for the giving of one valuable thing for another,something for something,what for what.
That is the way I feel about the support I have recieved from Peter.
I gave my valuable time Peter returned his valuable time.
Over a month ago I started my Zeus ,
Peter has responded to each an every questions as if it were top priorty.
If you have not experience the powerful email support in cyber space then you are should give it a try.
Sometime I think that I am their only client.
I have learned a great deal from Peter in the Web business.
The support is by far the best I have recieved from any dot com company for that matter any local merchants that I frequent.
Keep up the great work Peter and many thanks for all the work on my new look.
I cant believe I got it on the first try. I am amazed.
For all of the new and old zues owner go ahead ask and you shall receive a prompt couteous answer.
Thanks to all of Peter's support I am grownig aswell as my directory.
Best regards and the highest respect"

B. Perry
Quid Pro Quo

"Below is the breakdown of my stats before Zeus, April 13,2001 is when I started with Zeus. Need I say more.
I guess I will....
February ran ads everywhere...$$$$$$
March saw a little build of traffic...$$$$$$
April I found Zeus!$
The Results Are In
My traffic is growing and coming from all over.
It is addicting.
But what a charge.
still fine tuning the site.
If I can do it anyone with minimum webskills can..
Spend time not $$$$$ its fun ...
Thanks Peter.
These are actual stats from my site.
This I might add was a new domain that I never made use of until February.
Breakdown of Year
Month Total % of
Month of Feb, 2001 55 0.36%
Month of Mar, 2001 506 3.32%
Month of Apr, 2001 14680 96.32%
Year Total 15241 n/a
Monthly Average 5080.33 n/a
Automatically Generated by Statistics Server 5.03
Copyright © 1996,1997,1998,1999,2000 MediaHouse Software Inc."

"Had to take a minute out to say the same thing everyone else does, that is, Peter provides the best support for any product I have ever used.
Every question I have submitted has been answered quickly and completely.
The support received is a great value add to the ZEUS product.
Peter just got me through a roadblock on sending e-mails so I will get back to having ZEUS send his mail!"


"I have not submitted my website to a single search engine yet. Nor have I sent out ONE reciprocal e-mail request because it's not vaguely ready for he general public to view.
Yet I get tons of e-mails and traffic. I just looked at the Zeus collective and I think I've found an answer to how everyone's finding me besides word of mouth.
My main purpose for using Zeus was to add valuable content to my website and to get better links to do content research than the standard Search Engines serve up.
But my GOD what a great traffic-builder this is! I can't wait to see what happens when the site is ready for Prime-Time and I start requesting reciprocal links!
Thank you so much for one of the best tools available. Keep up the great work!"

"Just can't thank you enough,because of your patience and help my
directory is now up and running fine.Your support is second to none,
which is a far cry from the norm where its sometimes difficult to even
get a response let alone any solid advice.For sure you can use this as
a testimonial to your great software and support
Thanks again"

Lou Barry for

"It's a beautiful day in Denver, and I have a lot to do. Instead of being outside enjoying the weather & cutting the grass, however, I'm inside watching Zeus surf the web. My dog, Zeus, is shooting me dirty looks for not taking him out, too.
Fascinating program! I'm hooked.


"It is now 9:06 PM and I am at my computer...ready to start my night's chores.
However, before I begin...I need to take time out to thank you for your continual advise. I can not tell you how comforting it is to know that if I email you a question at night...the answer is there for me in the morning. No time wasted waiting for a response--such as often occurs when dealing with some of the other Internet companies out there. Consider this email an un-asked for testimonial which you can print, post, or trash...according to your preferences. So...again...thanks for you extraordinarily prompt and unflagging help...and keep in mind that I will continue asking you questions...if for nothing else than to keep you on your toes.
Warmest regards,"

Benjamin Mark

"Thanks! So far, I think Zeus is a great idea and I do experience it being more organized and time saving than looking for and keeping track of reciprocal links manually. Just today someone emailed me about subscribing to their search engine submission service. I just said no thanks and reply back with the address to your site. Thanks for making a free version of Zeus to try out first... I will use it often! Later I won't mind paying the full price."


"Great product worth every penny as far as I am concerned. I spent the first 24 hours training him and found over 18,000 sites (wish I could add them as fast as Zeus finds them)."

John Beal
CEO, US Data Servers, Inc.

"I've played around with the free Zeus for a long time and you guys have the best customer service of any website I've ever worked with (thus the willingness to spend $250!) I really value that and appreciate how much work it requires."


"After 16 years in the computer business I can honestly say "your support is unmatched by anyone!". The solution you emailed did the trick and it looks great.

Thanks for the help and we will be purchasing in the very near future."


"This is one heck of a program.

I have been playing with it for 5 or 6 days now and am VERY impressed."


"Zeus is the ONLY traffic building solution that I have ever found that actually delivers even more than promised. This is an excellent product at an excellent price which will more than pay for itself in weeks if not days. The support team David/Peter are extremely responsive. Highly recommended!!!"

"Of the top 30 referrals to our site ... our link partners occupy all 30 positions... It amazes us that search engines no longer show up in the ranking. Way to go Zeus!!!

When we implemented Zeus we decided that it would be best to contract with someone outside our office to work Zeus. Lori, our Robotkeeper, dedicates 50 hours a month to the project. Her objective is to develop high quality links with happy link partners.

There are a few things in Lori's routine that have been very important to the success of our program:

1. She makes sure that every link added to our directory has an accurate description of the site. Lori visits every site, confirms that the description that Zeus found accurately describes the site or edits it when necessary.
2. She sends only as many emails as it takes to generate the number of inquires and link partners that she can service well at any given time. She answers every email promptly. Lori encourages banners from Link Partners, going to their web site to grab one (if there is one available) and inserts it into our directory.
3. If we don't here from prospects after the 1st letter, we do send the 2nd because we get about a 15% response to that 2nd letter.
4. Lori routinely visits the sites of link partners to make sure that they have included a link to our site. If she doesn't find one, she emails reminders and further monitors the site until our link is included.

These things are important because it demonstrates to our partners that we're serious about driving traffic to their site. We want them to treat us the same way. It also shows them that we will do our part and that we know when our partners are doing their part, and that it makes a difference to us.

Secondly, it shows prospective link partners that we maintain an accurate link directory and because of that they are more likely to join.

As the owner of the business I am convinced that making Zeus a priority was a good move. Otherwise it would be just another thing that I would try to do in my spare time. Perish the thought! It is well worth paying to have someone else to do it well.

Lori who took it upon her own to develop a quality link directory with happy link partners. We place the emphasis on quality over quantify because we are in it for the long haul. Her system has produced superb results and I know that our company has already made many friends with more to come because of Lori and Zeus. What a team!"

"You know, your program is really addictive! I'm very pleased with the depth of control you have given us over the creation of the various directory webpages, this is a great piece of software! With continued support by you and the field, it should continue to grow and develop into a real marketing powerhouse."


"I'm very impressed with the program. I need to "work it" a bit more, but I've got some time off coming up soon.
I've already got a few reciprocal links and I'm very hopeful that more will respond.
And I DO believe that this is a far superior method to playing "king of the hill" in the search engines.... and keeping up with their constant changes (although I do plan on continuing some of this).
Thanks for the terrific work !"

-= Dave Raasch =-
FrontierBlazers Web-Hosting

"Hello Peter and David!
I can't believe this! This is the greatest software yet for the Webmaster! I have already made 469 links in 7 days! If I had a faster line, it would be a lot bigger by now! I have found sites that I have never seen before! Search Engines do not even come close to what the Zeus Robot finds! Watch for me, as I plan to make this the Largest Web Link site for anything that has feathers on it! Also I want to thank Peter for great support before I even purchased the software! Thanks for such a wonderful product!


Gene Maranda-Avian Companions

"BTW: What an AMAZING TOOL!!! I just downloaded it yesterday afternoon and started it spidering my own site for links and I've got over 200 (and I'm VERY particular about what I want to include) solid links which will not only be the foundation for my underground scene links, but an awesome aid in researching and adding content to my Underground Ezine. And your PR is right--it IS addicting!
Thanks for my cool web robot."


"Thanks for your great program it has done everything you said it would."

Peter Tresidder

"I must say that Zeus is a marvel! Congratulations on building a supurb product


"I just want to thank you publicly for the thorough and quick help with my ftp problems. I have unlocked the software and am ready to continue building my directory.

I'm really pleased with every interaction I've had with cyber-robotics and look forward to working with you in the future.

Great Job!"


"I came across your site several months ago by accident. I don't remember, but I probably looked. bookmarked, and came back. Those were the days when it seems I bought anything that moved! (I have become strict with myself, and I don't know whether I would have bought today.) But, of course, I don't need to buy anything today. I have Zeus, great designers, a fabulous product, a strong marketing plan, means of mass distribution in trial and full versions of The Estate Manual Electronic Service (THEMES), written marketing materials, and the will to make it happen.

But one of the keys to all this has been Zeus. The directory it created, until recently, was seen as a "nice little service" to visitors to the retail site ( Soon, it will launch with its own non-commercial site. And that site, within two to three months will have more information about estate planning by far than any other site of the Internet, and it will still be in its infancy. It, to a great extent, will be the glue that supports the retail and b2b sites. It will be a funnel for the retail sites and a source of leads for the b2b site.

I want you to visit often, and to be proud. What you see will be a creation of Zeus. Without Zeus, it could never have happened this way. I would never have thought in a million years of providing a directory. If I had, I would have thought it too much work--and there truly is a pile of work, the way we do it. But, with Zeus, it seemed so simple ... and why not? David, I can never thank you enough. You have made it possible for someone with limiting physical disabilities to see, not only a way in which to be useful to my family, but also to be useful to probably thousands of individuals and investment professionals. And, in the process, to have the expectation of an excellent living.

Thank you, David, for all of that. If you ever need me to write a testimonial for you, just let me know ... or did I just do that?"


"Thanks to Peter my Zeus links directory is now uploaded and running. A mistake on my part in the server directory url prevented me from completing my upload. After one short message to Zeus, Peter got right back to me and within in a few minutes my directory was ready to go. Thanks Peter and Zeus."

Bill Furner Accessible Business Assistance

"Hi, everybody!!

We are finding ZEUS PRO here to be quite awesome. We're in the ZEUS Collective.

Thanks a lot, and thanks for selling us an incredible product!!"

 Love, Sarlonai / Webmaster

"Everything is AOK with my Zeus. I had some minor difficulties with http// but it was my lack of experience.

Zeus is FANTASTIC and now I hope to see visitors to my new site, Wilson's Almanac.

Everyone may subscribe free to my daily almanac, and I hope you will go to my site and sub, but I would like to send you one especially made out to Zeus's birthday or your own. You might like it for the ancient Feast Day of Zeus or just the day your robot got started. It's up to you. I would like to do it as an expression of gratitude for this great program and the hopes I have in it.

Thank you.

Abundance and gratitude,"

Pip Wilson

"Thanks for being understanding and so helpful. Your the best tech support I've ever experienced."

Ed Murry

"First let me tell you that I love Your creation. I have spent several sleepless nights with him as I taught him what has to be approaching ALL the common words in the english language. For some reason he still likes me. ;-)


"I have seen a steady increase in traffic to my site thanks to your product. I've been using the demo version for awhile now and felt it was time to register it for the PRO version. I got a bit lazy in the last few months and didn't run ZEUS but while checking my stats it became even more clear to me how effective as well as important ZEUS was to getting that precious traffic. I have to say it is the most cost effective promotional tool anyone could have in promoting their web site.

You can bet one thing, seeing the links show up on the search engines got me fired up and gave me renewed energy.

As a side note, I've been getting quite a few e-mails and a few phone calls from other site owners wanting to "team up" with me. Every single one of them stated, "you kept coming up on the search engines". Most of these site owners and webmasters confessed they were getting about 250 to 350 unique visits per day to their site. During my past "peak season" I was averaging about 900 to 1100 unique visits per day and part of those visitors found my site through Zeus generated links. I'll be checking my stats very closely in the next few months as I tweak my keywords and let you know how things are progressing.

Again, I thank you for a great product.


Bill Johnes / Hunter's Hideout

"My Zeus has had a dramatic effect on my traffic -- going from 16000 hits a month to 3-4000 hits a day! And it keeps getting better, so I want to keep it running a smooth as I can.The Collective is great! How often is it upgraded?



"I am very impressed with the results that I am getting so far from Zeus. This is a remarkably useful tool.


Paul Ahmed

"TO Peter and David Notestine,

It has been a delight working with you to upload your pages to our web site Though it is too early to tell if traffic will come, you have created an intelligent marketing program that though daunting,  is effective. I wish you the best success with your program."

H. Stanley Judd

President /The Executive Golfer

"BTW, I still think Zeus is the best product on the net! My gold distributor id is "webnads"... You can see how many people I've turned on to Zeus.
Merry Christmas if I don't talk to you again until then!



"After I sent the request for help, I sat for a few moments trying to think of what I was going to do until the help email arrived. I am used to waiting a few days for help with most other programs. after about 5 minutes my mail bell sounded and the email was there! 45 minutes later, my links page was up and running!

This is to good to be true!!"


"Thanks David, for your speedy response. I'll get at it before the end of the day. I don't know many vendors who support their programme like you do. That's a compliment. Thanks again,"


"I absolutely love your application. It was so easy to create the directory I have been trying build in the last year. With your application it took me only a few days. See my results at http// This application also taught me how the search engine robots behaved. I was able to pinpoint the reasons why my site was never picked up by the search engines. Having a fully functional search engine will definitely give me a cutting edge with my competition in town.

Thank you!"

Mete Adan

"Dirtsmart Netpreneur Top 10. I use it while I sleep to find sites that match my specific needs (how do you think I get wind of a lot of what I write about ?). You can, of course, use it for what it was intended, build traffic to your site.  last issue"

Hello, just filed a consumer report on and gave your company a customer satisfaction rating of "Very Satisfied". The consumer filed the following comments. You can see the original here:
Public Eye

"Downloaded the free version of their product and loved it! I just had to have the extra features of the Pro version so I purchased it after already knowing how well the free version worked. I had questions that were answered promptly, and can not say enough about how well this program helped increase my website traffic. PHENOMENAL!"

Hello, just filed a consumer report with Public Eye on and gave your company a customer satisfaction rating of "Very Satisfied". The consumer filed the following comments. You can see the original here:
Public Eye

"I buy many products and have spent tens of thousands of dollars to help my web business grow. Without any doubt at all, this firm's product is by far the best. It's more than I had expected. Their service is also extremely good; they often reply within minutes. And they are friendly and helpful. As a measure of how good I think them to be, this is the first time ever that I have filled out a survey like this. No other firm has generated that much enthusiasm."

Sydney Tremayne

"My name is Kelvin.
I have been using Zeus since April 2000, when I received less than 600 page views. As of August 2000 I am now receiving over 4000 page views per month. More than half are new visitors and 80% of the new visitors are from search engines, mainly Google, or Yahoo Goole.

I am including the link to a Webposition Gold report on about 45 keywords and phrases. I want you to notice the # of top 10 positions I have. This report was only run for the top 20. I am sure I have many positions below that."


"Hi David,
I want to personally thank you for Zeus! I started my site in early May. I have slaved for hours every day creating doorway pages, getting just the right keywords in my meta tags, resubmitting to search engines, reading articles about search engines optimization, buying banner ads, etc. I did all that work just to build my site up to about 100 unique visitors per day.

As you know, I downloaded Zeus just yesterday. With Zeus working on my behalf, I already have over 200 unique visitors today and it's only 10.30 in the morning! Plus I have over two dozen affirmative responses from webmasters that have added a link to my page!

You are awesome David (and so is Zeus).

Thanks again!"

Jim Brausch

"After spending 8-9 months of my life looking into web marketing via search engine positioning, and spending hundreds of pounds on software and courses, I have to say your discussion on web marketing is rather radical to me. I understand the importance of linking and how much it can effect your traffic but never has it being expressed so explicitly, thanks! It is very refreshing to see a clear and concise appraisal of what to do and how, I look forward to using your software etc!"

"Many thanks"

Paul Bailey

"I started using Zeus April 9th, with less than 600 page views and 300 visitors. Now for the first 3 weeks of July I have over 2800 page views, so far."


"Thanks again so much for addressing my questions, even on Easter. It really is time I look for a new computer!"
"Warmest regards,"


" is now averaging 900 unique visitors per day, about 3000 page hits, and I started in March 2000.... and I owe it ALL to YOU : )" (July 21)


"Thanks to you and Peter for such excellent support .. Zeus is easy, intuitive and fun ... and pofitable I may add .... thanks "


"Thank you!! I've been using my Zeus 7300 for a while and I'm excited to try the advanced features. Even though my husband and I are just about to buy a house, we thought this purchase was important! Thanks again!"


"I have to say, you have a fantastic piece of software here! I commend you on your work, and also your dedication to supporting it. The help information is superb and your readily generous assistance is wonderful. I fully did not expect you to answer my email today! I'm sure you hear that all the time, but you deserve it!"

Lisa LeClaire

"Yes....Zeus seems to be running fine, following links, and finding loads of fishing pages. Only problem is it's just too fascinating, I keep reading the pages that it has found...rather than getting on with my work."

"Thanks A Lot"


"Your entire site has Great thorough information and I will spread the word. Thank you,"

The Tie Dye Factory

"The Zeus software is spectacular and is exactly what I've been needing."

Thank you.
Alison Clemente

"Hi Dave,
As always you come through, Zeus works as designed! thanks for helping with this..."

Joe Dietrick

"WOW is Zeus fast! I can't belive I use to do this my self...... I will be upgrading to a paid version as soon as I master this thing.. I swear you have created the Most Needed webmaster tool online! Hats off.. Finialy a software that is worth using ! I will be building zeus for Years to come.... I will need several zeus for different topics and different sites... Zeus is the webmaster affiliate dream!!!"

Larry Brunken

"It transpires that I did not require help after all, but it is good to know that your response is very prompt"


"The program is excellent and I have been very impressed with your quick responses to all of my questions when I was first starting to use Zeus."

all good things,

"Just yesterday I was sitting in a meeting wondering how to accomplish the onerous task of collecting links to our web site, which was once again being presented to me as a priority. We at the table thought about hiring a temp to sit and plod through web-sites for us, leaving us the task of weeding through whatever they found, and me the task of manually adding the appropriate ones to our fledgling links pages. This morning I got an e-mail from a Zeus user (the second in two days...someone is doing good marketing for you!) asking me for a reciprocal link. I may or may not respond to those e-mails, but I did check out your site. May I simply say...HOLY GEEEZ!!!! it's a miracle! I downloaded the free version to take it for a test drive. After teaching it the 100 words it needed, I hit the auto button and went for lunch. It found 1200 possibilities for me to sort through in the half hour I was gone. And it was prepared to keep going! I look forward to seeing the nicely organized pages it is going to make for me I get that far in the process. I have just submitted my payment for the Pro version, as we prefer ad-free, but this would be a bargain at twice the price!"

"Thank you thank you thank you for creating Zeus!"

"After a couple of days of watching Zeus in action I am thrilled! There is no way I could do all this without 'him'. "

D. Ross
Halifax NS.

"I tried it and it worked!  Thanks so much for all the help in the past few days; You've been wonderful! "

Ron B.

"Dude, you SO rock!!! I did what you instructed, it uploaded fine! I've been working on it every night after work, the database is killer, and so far I've got like 100 or so theme sites I'm currently reviewing and adding to the index! I can hardly wait to move onto the next step. Thanks so much for your help and guidance, I fully couldn'ta' done it w/o ya!"


"I can't thank you enough for Zeus - what an outstanding product!! I didn't expect to as impressed as I am - right down to the support you provide. Thanks to you and Zeus for everything."

Deb B.

"I simply wanted to applaud your efforts at not only creating what looks to be a great product but also your visibility and accountability in this forum. Its really refreshing to witness the entrepreneurial spirit alive and well in an individual."


"Really love Zeus ... the documentation and support ... concept .. be sure give your customers some inside info when you about to be snapped up by a bigger ...."


"So far I don't feel frustrated in the least. I think your step-by-step tutorial, with opportunities for feedback at each stage, is really useful. Like most people, I have a hard time reading software manuals. I usually get bored and just wing it. But yours offers info in bite-sized chunks. I'm not just working through an irrelevant demo but setting up my own site, so that's an incentive."

Rick A.

"Thanks for living at your computer - you're a life saver!"

Lisa :-)

"This is a very intelligent program- the fact that the help box opened when I encountered an error just astounds me-every time. You seem to have thought of everything, Will write again soon."


"The purpose of this post is to relate an observation to you which is DIRECTLY related to the activity of using Zeus...and one, which I often forget about...yet comes home to roost each time I start using "him". "

"First, Zeus opens my eyes up to what EXACTLY the state of the Internet many way. One, I get to see how it's growing, and what's "out there"---which in and of itself is wondrous...*and* disturbing. The "amount" of content "out there" simply overwhelms me...and the variety of it...and of "canned" it's getting...with the majority of the BUSINESS sites all looking alike. "

"Next, is the "people" and the "feedback"...most is positive...some not...and interestingly enough, I find that it appears that those that are 'negative' are simply VERY jealous!?!? I of course answer them all...and politely rip their heads off at the neck and p_ss down their throats...after I set them on fire of course!!! BIG GRIN... "

"Then, I got this today: "


"How long have you been open for business? What do you feel is an accurate unique visitor count on your site? I belong to an online business association that would love to have a resource like this, and many of them are doing beadwork, crocheting, etc. Give me some powerful feedback and I will introduce your web site to the club. "


"Which is what I've been waiting for. Couldn't have come at a worse time with having to tear down and rebuild my entire database/site....but this is why I waited to use Zeus until I could get it looking 'spiffy' again. ;-) Don't worry, I composed a heavy post to him and sent it off!!!! ;-) "

"Now, you may think...SO WHAT? Well, my friend...all these encounters would NOT have been possible if it were NOT for Zeus!!!! "

"I've left out many "untold stories" which happened on account of me dispatching the "notification letter"--which I re-wrote--grin--don't get me wrong...I also used your "link partner add" letter A LOT today!!!!!---thanks---nice addition!!!!! "

"Again, without Zeus...or something like Zeus...the generation of this kind of "activity", "connection", "interface", etc., WOULD NOT BE POSSIBLE!!!!!! "

"I'm telling you this as and aside from the generation of 'traffic/links'...there's REALLY "things that happen" which are FAR more important as a result of using Zeus. "

"Yeah, I'm sure you already know this, but just thought I'd reiterate and/or reinforce it to you AGAIN!!!!! As I know feedback is important, and don't know how you could capitalize/emphasize this "feature" as a selling point for Zeus...BUT YOU NEED TO!!!!!!! "

"Aside from that, while I haven't been able to use/review all the new features you've included, several have 'popped up' and found them to be VERY the 'add partner status' letter, being able to cut and paste email addresses, the 'systems messages', the 'add/edit site' feature, the "faster" email dispatch...that's all I can think of right now.... Uh, is there any other feature that I need to know about????...that I'm not using? "

"Well, need to get back to "Zeus business"."

"Thanks for ALL your work...and cranking out the code so quickly for the updates!!!!!!!!! "

"Excellent work my friend! "



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