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"Common Sense Web Marketing"

FREE 170 Page Book!

To All Webmasters - Please feel free to use this book as a free gift to increase the number of webmasters accepting your link trade request (example below).

Use it as quality content for your web site's visitors AND search engine robots that spider your web site. Install it to your web site and give it away to friends and webmasters, in any way or for any purpose you wish. You just can't sell it or use it in any email spam marketing program.

You may copy this book, send it to friends, email it as an attachment, stamp it, lick it, give it away any way you want but it is copyrighted, so you can't change it in any way, shape or form.


Welcome to my FREE, 170 page book:  “Common Sense Web Marketing

My book is not a sales pitch about the marketing software I sell, but an honest sharing of Internet marketing and business concepts that I have learned, in the past 30 years, managing my own marketing businesses, both on and off the Internet.

My name is David Notestine and I am the creator of the Zeus Internet Marketing Robot and author of this book. The Zeus Robot is one of the most well known and successful web site marketing software products in the world. I’ve been an Internet marketer since 1996, personally creating dozens of successful web sites and helping thousands of other webmasters, to market their web sites correctly.

You will be successful in web site marketing if you apply the concepts and tips found in my book "Common Sense Web Marketing". You can go from 0 to 1,000,000 qualified, consistent hits in 3 months. Many of the concepts in this book are controversial and beyond the normal mainstream of Internet marketing, but after reading them, they will become common sense to you.  Every marketing concept can be implemented without using Zeus.

Click here to look at the Table of Contents. It's 5 pages and will instantly convince you of the quality of this book. Any Zeus information is mostly in the Appendices, as my book is about common-sense, web site marketing. The complete book file size is 2.8 megs and is safe from Spyware and Viruses since it's a .PDF file

The only thing I'm asking you to do, is download and install our FREE Zeus Internet Marketing Robot demo. The link to download my FREE book is located on the program introduction screen. I hope you try the demo, but if not and you uninstall Zeus, the book is yours to keep.

Once common sense Internet marketing makes real sense to you, you may trust me and perhaps try the FREE Zeus Internet Marketing Robot demo you will already have installed. If you are unhappy with my book and I've lied to you in any way, you will not trust me and I've lost a potential customer.

FREE 170 Page Book!
Click Here to Download the FREE Zeus Demo

  • You must have the FREE Acrobat Reader to view and print my FREE book. PDF format is the most widely used format for electronic publishing on the internet. You need it as you will be using it often in your travels throughout the internet.


Instantly triple or quadruple the numbers of webmasters wanting to trade links with you!

Offer this book, at no cost to other webmasters, if they trade links with you.

If you use this book as a free gift for accepting your link trade offer, you can triple or quadruple the webmasters that accept your link trade requests.

Install the book .PDF file on your web site so your visitors and link partners can download it from there!

Example of an email request to trade links

The following is an example of a link trade request email you might send to another Webmaster, when you ask for a link trade. Be sure to change it, as you don’t want the same webmasters receiving the same email from different webmasters.

Dear Sam,

Please consider trading links with our web site. We extend this invitation with pleasure, as your web site is wonderful.

The section on the javascript examples was a great reference, unlike anything I’ve seen on the web.

Our visitors will enjoy your web site, as it clearly matches the Themes of ours. We are an Internet marketing web site whose goal is to create a quality guide to other web sites that have great quality content, such as yours.

We only link and conduct business using professional standards, as set forth in the book: “Common Sense Web Marketing”. To thank you for linking with our web site, it would be my pleasure to send you a copy of the book, absolutely free (170 pages).

To save you time, we have already listed your web site in our directory. The following is a link to the location of your listing in our Link Directory:

Titles, descriptions and HTML code to add our link to your web site:

To edit your listing in our directory:

John Smith

You can use this example for your thank you for the link email.

Dear Sam,

Thank you for the link trade. I hope this is one of many business interactions that our web sites have together.

Besides thanking you for the link trade, I wanted to send you the link to download the “Common Sense Web Marketing” book I promised you. I hope you learn as much from it as I did.

David Notestine

Added .PDF content for your web site

This book makes great content if you copy it to your web site and link to it from your home page.

170 Pages in .PDF format that your visitors will love and search engines can index as content for your web site (Google reads PDF).


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